About me

Filipino domiciled in Europe. Married to an Italian Economist. From my native country we speak Tagalog and English as our national language, now, I am proud to say that I speak French, Italian and of course a little Spanish.

I am not a writer and I am not aspiring to be one. I just want to empower women through blogging. I want all women to be beautiful, gorgeous and fabulous. I want them to be always at their best. No time wasted. No excuses.
This blog site is all about my passion in life. From fashion to cooking, law and everything that interests me. Yes, I have Bachelors degree in Political Science and Law.
It was painful to leave a permanent law firm job. I love my boss. I love the job. I love the people around me. Just perfect and then suddenly, I’m inlove and got married. New life, new country, new career, new language… I’m out for new challenges.

Lastly, I will write more about my expat life in Italy and in France and my adventures married to an Italian Stallion as we live life together with our little dog named lilly 🙂

You can find me on instagram @duchess.anne, facebook: anne milallos and on twitter: analynmilallos.com

Welcome to my home. Relax and enjoy. 🙂