Dear Thomas Francesco,

First, don’t get mad about the title. We call you “TOMATO” because of your love for tomatoes, tomates, pomodoro, whatever we call it. During weekdays after your “creche” you always asked for tomato, carrot and cucumber and  by that, we love you for your love for vegetables.

I plan to write my feelings and dreams for you, so you can read this even when you are adult and if you are having rough times this serves as a reminder that you have a family, a mama and papa and now a sister who will always be there for you that you can always count on. I hope this will remind you that mama and papa love you very, very much.

You are my/our first born. You are a dream come true to mama and papa. You know mama had you when she was 36 and papa is almost going 40. We are a bit scared we cannot have a baby because we are old and then you came just at the perfect time. You are a wonderful blessing to us. Please understand though that mama and papa does not know anything about parenting so we are a bit experimental ;). But we are soooooo happy to have you. The sleepless nights, changing diapers, trying to calm you from crying are all worth it, having you as our first born. You are perfect. A perfect good looking boy mixed of Asian and European blood. Just perfect that we could not ask for more.

Mama is getting emotional. Two days from now as of this writing you will be turning two. How time flies. From conceiving you in my stomach to giving birth to you and now you are a very talkative toddler. A happy, curious, healthy and beautiful boy you have become. We still have a lot of things to teach you, so you will grow up to be a fine man.

Yesterday, papa picked you up at the creche and you asked me where is papa because he disappeared after he brought you home. Papa drove to decathlon to buy your very first bike as your gift for your second birthday. On Thursday, mama and your sister Chiara (sorry lilly is not allowed) will surprise you with a cake at the creche so you can share with your playmates your birthday.

At two, we are so happy that you are learning well. You are speaking in English, Italian and in French. How smart you are. We love you for being a very good brother to Chiara. Everyday before going to creche you say bye bye to Chiara or “au revoir” Cala thats how you call your sister because you can’t pronounce “R” properly. And every time you arrived home you greet mama with your big hug with a big smile and kiss or “baci” in Italian and you just don’t know how mama’s heart is bursting in happiness with these gestures of yours. Just yesterday, while we were having dinner you said “bella mama” (beautiful mama) and mama was so happy to hear it. Every time you see the wedding photos of mama and papa displayed on the wall you always say mama, papa. We are the luckiest parents having you.

We adore every single act of yours BUT of course there are exemptions that you will learn in few days, I just hope so.

I don’t like that you insist on what you want and throw everything you see because we did not give you what you want to do. Please know that you have to consider things and some things are just not allowed for babies and toddlers like you. Soon you will find out. We are always for your safety and even if we don’t give you the things you want because it is the best for you, it is the safest for you and we don’t want you to be in danger.

I don’t like that you bite every time you get scolded but don’t worry you are outgrowing this stage already. It must be hard being a toddler. I had no idea how terrible toddler I was. 😉

On your second birthday, I wish you continue being smart and lovely. Always be a good boy and obey mama and papa. I hope all your dreams will come true and I am looking forward to see you fulfill all of it. Mama and Papa will always be here to support you, clap hands with tearful eyes and thankful hearts for all your achievements. Continue to see the good in everyone. The world is harsh but continue to be positive and good in all you do and everything will follow. Mama and papa together with your sister will always be here for you because we are family and we love you dearly. Oh! Lilly too, your dog that you can throw your tantrums to instead to your sister 😉

Because you are happy with candle blowing we gave you another cake and candle

Because you are happy with candle blowing we gave you another cake and candle


Remote controlled Ferrari one of your gift

Remote controlled Ferrari one of your gift


here's the gift from papa, your very first bike. Your face lit up when you saw the bike. You were so excited to use it.

Here’s the gift from papa, your very first bike. Your face lit up when you saw the bike. You were so excited to use it.


your birthday celebration at the creche

your birthday celebration at the creche



We took you at the restaurant in St Max. You ate spaghetti bolognese. and you were so thrilled about the toast CHEERS! SANTE!

I wish and pray you grow up to be happy baby, kind, and full of love in your heart. Mama and Papa will always be here for you. You can always count on us. We love you so much, our TOMATO.

You will always be mama’s love. I call you “Thomas, my love”, my “amore”, “mon cheri”.


With all my love,



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