Bonjour tout le monde!

Warning: This is not an application. 🙂

So, here I am trying to find a job in the middle of pandemic.

I am a mother trying to get back to work after having three beautiful children.

How does a stay at home mother make a strong appeal for the potential employers to give her a chance to go back to work? A lot of questions pondering my mind.

I started submitting my CV to job listings that I am qualified and I am getting rejections. Two days ago, I got rejected for a job that I really think I will get, because, based on the job description, that’s exactly my former job before I left to start a family. I know in my heart that I can do the job even with eyes closed, yes, I am good like that. I know, I may sound boastful and over confident but yes, I do my job well for my company to be worthy of my services. That is the reason why I’m feeling down this week. That made me cry. I know there will be a lot out there but because it is an Intellectual Property law firm. Oh boy, that’s one of my favorite area of law. I don’t want to think about it that much. I want to move forward and go to find where there is a company willing to hire me for my skills, degree and competency.

We don’t want negative thoughts, but the reality is, it’s hard to compete coming from Asia, from a third world country, and being brown. It’s hard to prove your worth. It’s hard to find someone to give you the opportunity. Yes, people would say, we don’t care about your race but that’s just beautiful sentence. If only you can tell your potential employer to hire you because you will do everything to help the company moving up. I was one of the best employee in my former job. I love the job and I love the people I work with. I miss the corporate world so much. I miss working with diverse people, I miss exchanging ideas, I miss sharing my thoughts, I miss learning the law and embracing new things in the legal profession. I was told to just look for a job at the creche because that’s where I belong. Nothing wrong with job at the creche, in fact, that’s my job for the past years staying at home taking care of babies. BUT, I wanted the passion, the pressure, the zealousness, the challenges, and learning’s of the legal industry. That is my passion and it is always in my heart.

My name is Analyn Milallos – Lobianco. I have a Juris Doctor degree. I worked as legal secretary in an Australian law firm before moving to Europe. I am pro-active, willing to learn, zealous, fast learner.

Why would we hire you?

I always love this question during the interview.

I remember working for the managing solicitor and our legal transcriptionist for very unfortunate reason got sick. I did the legal transcription under time pressure because we need to finish a case. I delivered it ahead of time aside from doing other tasks on my side. Answering client calls and making them feel satisfied and happy of my answer after their call is also one of my favorite part. I can multi-task, I did works beyond my scope when needed. Because I can work and thrive in diverse environment. I can do the job and deliver excellent results, because I’m willing to learn new things. Because I’m a fast learner. I have the degree, skills and work experiences that will fit to the new job and I can guaranty exceptional job results that will stand out and of course, if you hire me, I can make your life easier and will be a good addition to your company to go up. With my work experiences, I can solve problems quick and make good decisions. That, you need to hire me. 🙂

I am excited to work. I am excited, so excited to share my skills. I just need a company to trust this returning momma to work. Believe me, my kids will not be a hindrance at work. They are my biggest inspiration. I want to put food on the table, I want to be financially independent. I want to buy clothes for my kids. These are the reasons why I’m going back to work.

That next time, I’m writing another entry here in my blog is about how I am happy with my work.

Good luck, self! You are good and you can do it.