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I found this book on sale last Sunday and I was thrilled when I saw it. In a few days, I will be embracing the gift of motherhood. I am so excited about it that if I can only pull the days I already did.

I am a first time mom and I really have don’t have idea about it except the things based from my current research and readings. I know it is different when you’re there but I also know it is wonderful and all worth it. I’m starting to understand the sacrifices and the love of the mother already. Mothers really have an unselfish heart. They are willing to do everything for their baby’s sake. No mother would ever harm their baby. I get emotional already as I type. 😉 I know for sure I will make mistakes and discover learnings about the joy of motherhood as I progress. I just wish no one will interfere with my motherhood. I will screw them up. To each his own. Each of us has different style and babies aren’t similar. Each person is a unique individual and babies too have different characteristics. What works for you doesn’t mean it will work for me and my baby. We are all unique and no one is perfect especially about parenting. It is all about trial and error and if a mother could avoid it, she will definitely do.

I wish to enjoy this book before my little one arrive. I wish also to share my happiness here soon.

Embracing the gift of motherhood

Embracing the gift of motherhood


I hope everyone is having a happy and postive day. It’s sunny here in France and the leaves are already changing its colors to autumn. Hello fall! 🙂





Hello friends and hello world! I have been away for sometime again but this time I have some very good news. I hope all of you are doing great especially autumn is coming. 🙂

It’s not so secret anymore to my family, close friends and my followers that I am pregnant. YES! JE SUIS ENCEINTE (I am pregnant)! I wanted to keep it for ourselves first (carpe diem) that’s why I did not mention anything about it except after the first trimester I started posting some hints about what’s going on with me.

It was in the cold winter of February when we learned that I am expecting. My husband noticed that I am already delayed for few days but I shrugged off the idea because I don’t want to be disappointed if the test turned out to be negative and besides I felt like I was delayed because I was doing all the physical exercises to keep me fit and healthy. My husband brought me to ski (my first time) and as expected all I did was roll down the ski mountains stumble and fall. I enrolled in zumba class and I pushed myself to ran like 14 km. Really! I am not expecting that I will be pregnant with all the activities I was doing.

My road to pregnancy isn’t a peice of cake. The mood swings, the pregnancy hormones that try to haunt your weird imaginations and oh! those never ending weird dreaming marathon arrrgghh plus you have to deal with the physical changes your body is undergoing.

I had a rough road to my first trimester. I had so much of the morning sickness. I ate then puked it all the way. It was not easy. There were times that I felt like I’m gonna puke including my intestines and oh my morning sickness strikes not only in the morning but anytime of the day. I felt so weak and just wanted to lay down in bed for my first trimester. I don’t feel doing anything even if I tried to and it adds up the weather. It was the peak of the winter during my first trimester. So much laziness. I have to commend my husband for being so patient with me. For dealing with my not so good self during those days and up to now. He really did a great job with all the support he is giving me. Thank you husband. You are the best! Continue reading