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My first time to embrace this French tradition of La gallette de rois. It is the French three kings tradition, Epiphany that is celebrated every 6th of January. During this period in France, all the patisserie sell this cake called La gallette de rois. It is delicious I have to say. Inside the cake is a treasure of something gold or silver or bronze  and if you happen to get it you’ll be wearing the crown. If you buy the cake a crown is included. It is definitely a fun activity after Christmas. And if you are in France what a sight to behold,  you’ll see some kids coming back from school wearing crowns and oh some random people too not just kids. Now, I don’t have to wonder what’s the crown for? A nice tradition! 🙂

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Sweet Potato pancake

I love pancake. It’s easy to prepare and it has this enticing appealing taste and smell. It’s one of the first few things I learned how to cook in grade school. There are plenty of ready to make pancake mix in the supermarket already but I want a real one. Of course nothing beat home made foods and recipes you prepare. I’m not an expert but for me cooking is an art. You must have full of imaginations and ideas. Just keep it running and you’ll get it right. I am not good in the kitchen but I’m learning. I’m a newbie wife. I’m learning, reinventing and discovering a lot of things. In my previous blogs, I’ve mentioned already that I’m married to an Italian vegetarian which means I always need to consider the quality of food. Healthy option is a must.

Sweet potato is one of the healthiest food in the world. It has loads of health benefits plus they taste heavenly like dessert. There are a surprising number of nutrient categories responsible for the health benefits of this underappreciated tuber. Among these categories are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and blood sugar-regulating nutrients. Each category brings with it valuable health benefits. It is really good for those on diet.

I searched on how to cook it in different ways and I found a lot of interesting recipes. One of them is making sweet potato pancake. As most of my search is complicated and needs tons of ingredients like baking powder etc. and I’m already drooling while looking at the photos I decided to just make sweet potato pancake using the ingredients I have at home.

I promise for a pancake lover like me, it taste heaven 😉

Here it is!

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Fagiolini spaghetti

My amore is a vegetarian for 4 years now and I’m proud of him. When he told me he’s a vegetarian,  I was like oh my God, it’s difficult to be one. Maybe because I grew up eating all the fishes in the sea being born in an archipelago with 7, 200 islands (number of islands keep growing). Italy is a vegetarian friendly country. It’s normal for them to just munch on pomodoro (tomato) cheese, spaghetti… etc.. etc… Yes, I have to agree that Italy has the best cuisine in the world. There are lots of vegetarian in Italy. I am amazed that some kids are even into vegetarian. I am not a meat lover but for sure I will never be a vegetarian since I love seafoods a lot. 😉 My amore is not having a difficulty at all keeping his vegetarian diet. I am not an expert but I wanted to share one of the famous vegetarian recipe my amore loves. To this day, he said, my cooking passed the Italian taste bud already! 😉

Here’s what you need for FAGIOLINI SPAGHETTI.

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TINAPA spaghetti (Smoked fish)

I’m back! Sorry, I’ve been absent for the past months because of my church wedding in the Philippines. I will blog about my wedding soon. For now, let me share with you one of the best dish you will enjoy.Tinapa spaghetti. Tinapa is common in the Philippines particularly in my region, Bicol. It is the Filipino term for fish cooked or preserved through the process of smoking. It is a native delicacy in my country and is often made of milk fish or locally known as bangus and or other small kind of fish. There are also big tinapa such as tulingan or turingan in my local dialect. And what’s the best partner of tinapa? Of course tomato! oh tomatoes!!!

As I thought, I have to create and reinvent recipes from my home town. Being married to Italian, I have to incorporate my taste bud to the Italian spaghetti.

Ok, Here’s what you need to make my new recipe.  I am cooking only for my lunch so here we go.
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