Happy Wednesday beautiful people! I just came from the gym and as I’m feeling all sorts of muscle pain right now I sat down and share with you my journey as a bridesmaid or just a wedding guest. I love weddings! Yes, I get so excited everytime I heard someone is getting hitch whether it is a friend or not! I am excited about the details, the themes and the wedding gown of course. As much as possible I don’t wanna missed a friend’s wedding. Before I became a bride, I’ve been to countless weddings. No, I’m not the most sought after bridesmaid or wedding guest haha just that I have so many friends and I love to enjoy their lifetime memories. I enjoyed every wedding I’ve been to.

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Hello fab friends!

My first time to embrace this French tradition of La gallette de rois. It is the French three kings tradition, Epiphany that is celebrated every 6th of January. During this period in France, all the patisserie sell this cake called La gallette de rois. It is delicious I have to say. Inside the cake is a treasure of something gold or silver or bronze  and if you happen to get it you’ll be wearing the crown. If you buy the cake a crown is included. It is definitely a fun activity after Christmas. And if you are in France what a sight to behold,  you’ll see some kids coming back from school wearing crowns and oh some random people too not just kids. Now, I don’t have to wonder what’s the crown for? A nice tradition! 🙂

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My Italian Christmas Holiday

Hello beautiful friends! I hope 2015 is giving you joy and laughter. I wanted to share my Christmas away from home with my not so new family. 🙂

This is actually my third Italian Christmas and I’m getting there. You know Christmas in the Philippines is very similar to European and American Christmas as we are under the colony of Spain and America but still Italian Christmas is a little different. I can say different because it’s way more formal. Yes, in the Philippines it is like a super big Holiday that starts in September and ends like February lol. I know it’s already very commercialized that way but that’s how crazy we are. We love Christmas Holidays to bits.
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Hello beautiful people! 🙂

Finally, I was able to squeezed time writing a blog. I missed you all and I missed blogging. I have to blog about a lot of things from my Holiday in Italy to my thoughts and my fashion choices for 2015.

I don’t have new year’s resolution but I always strive to be better than the last time I am. I am learning French language and I’m getting there. I just need to be more patient with the pronunciation and the accent will come next. Oh! c’est difficile (it’s difficult) really but I’m not giving up. I’d like to think, I’m one level away to fluency. 🙂 (tap on my shoulder)
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