Best things living in France (from the viewpoint of an asian)

My first glimpse of France were on books, movies and history only. It was a dream. In 2012, I first came to France as a tourist. It was magical! Everything is beautiful in my eyes. From the busy streets to the people I saw around. To the lanscapes etc. etc. Now, I think, I need to write about it from the point of view of an asian living in France.Fate brought me in France. My husband work in French university in Nancy thats why we are here. Here are some of the best things I like living in France.

1. I love that everyone says BONJOUR! BONNEJOURNE! AU REVOIR! BONSOIR! BON APRES MIDI!….depending upon the time of the day. Politeness to the highest even they don’t know you.

2. I love it where everyone can have lunch in their hand without the need of spoon and fork and table. Yes, the convenience of the baguette sandwich.

3. I love fashion. I love it when I saw even old people keeping their fashionable side. Oh yes, those fur trench coats during winter, those towering high heels, scarfs and accessories. And those make up that I would feel everyday I’m in the movie seeing beautiful stars. Yeah! definitely I so love it.

4. The library in every village is enormous. I am glad I can borrow movie dvd’s, magazines such as vogue, elle, etc.

5. Yes! They have the best pastries in the world! Enough said!

6. I love the lanscapes. The parks that’s full of trees and the garden of flowers. Oh that just blow your day to a happy day everyday.
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I would like to encourage more people about blogging especially the students. English language students in France. Many asked me about how to start a website and what to write on blogs. I would usually reply to just express yourself. Your blogs will be your thoughts and feelings it reflects your personality so just express it.To my french readers/followers and all other european students/university students especially those who’s into learning the English language. I can help you. Take the plunge!!!!!! It will go a long way.

For speaker engagement inquiries and styling events about the power of blogging you can reach me through e-mail at

My mobile number is +33664641497. Skype id is anniebarrister.

Let’s share more about the world of blogging.

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Random thoughts on a friday

I’m sorry, I haven’t been blogging lately as I am very much pre-occupied with my summer class in law. It’s ENGLISH COMMON LAW. It’s very interesting and I got my mind moving again with the law language 🙂 I really like law because it’s very challenging. I’m learning a lot since I really want to get to know more of the European legal system. Now, I realized that there’s more of the European Union legalities to exlplore. Aside from my summer class, I’ve been pondering on random things. Maybe, I’m getting old. Hopefully, I’m aging gracefully.Here are my random thoughts lately….

Typhoon. My country particularly my province was hit by the wrath of forceful typhoon last wednesday. I prayed that my families, friends and all the people be spared. Reading news after the typhoon how strong it went is devastating but the hope people is showing is admirable. I admire the resiliency people are showing. But please, we don’t need another typhoon to be called resilient. Living in another country makes me realized how resilient we are back in the Philippines. We always find solutions to problems and we carry a smile in our face no matter how serious the situation. Yes, we keep it cool! 🙂
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Sweet Potato pancake

I love pancake. It’s easy to prepare and it has this enticing appealing taste and smell. It’s one of the first few things I learned how to cook in grade school. There are plenty of ready to make pancake mix in the supermarket already but I want a real one. Of course nothing beat home made foods and recipes you prepare. I’m not an expert but for me cooking is an art. You must have full of imaginations and ideas. Just keep it running and you’ll get it right. I am not good in the kitchen but I’m learning. I’m a newbie wife. I’m learning, reinventing and discovering a lot of things. In my previous blogs, I’ve mentioned already that I’m married to an Italian vegetarian which means I always need to consider the quality of food. Healthy option is a must.

Sweet potato is one of the healthiest food in the world. It has loads of health benefits plus they taste heavenly like dessert. There are a surprising number of nutrient categories responsible for the health benefits of this underappreciated tuber. Among these categories are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and blood sugar-regulating nutrients. Each category brings with it valuable health benefits. It is really good for those on diet.

I searched on how to cook it in different ways and I found a lot of interesting recipes. One of them is making sweet potato pancake. As most of my search is complicated and needs tons of ingredients like baking powder etc. and I’m already drooling while looking at the photos I decided to just make sweet potato pancake using the ingredients I have at home.

I promise for a pancake lover like me, it taste heaven 😉

Here it is!

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