Hello beautiful people! It’s Friday and I hope everyone is having a great time for the Halloween.

Everyday I pray for my biggest wish which is good health for me, my husband, my family and friends and that we will have healthy babies soon… 🙂

But aside from that being a woman makes me wish some little things. I always browse little things in a woman’s mind like bags, shoes, jewelries, clothes etc. A woman has never ending small wishes. But lately my mind is pre-occupied by these two. I wish to have them.

TRICK OT TREAT. I hope to get treat with these wishes of mine. 🙂

First, is this very elegant charriol bangle. Isn’t it so lovely? I am so inlove with this and I really wanted to have one. Plus it has a ring similar to it. Not too expensive and very fashionable. And you can find all the details from their website I put the link below. I am not really fond of jewelries but I just love this one.


Oh! Charriol, I am dreaming of you.

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Hello beautiful people! How’s your day going on?

Everyone wanted to be fabulous and gorgeous everyday. Not only in how we carry ourselves and how we dressed up but everything that includes therein.

Yes, I’m not really a gadget freak person as long as I have a mobile where I can communicate with my family and friends I’m fine with it. But of course I wanted my mobile to go well with my get ups and I found the most affordable way for it. Just chosing the right cases for your mobile phone and Ipad will give your outfit extra personality and new stunning look everyday.

I am glad to introduce you to EZ buys Direct. An online shop to satisfy your imagination for your mobile cases. The fashionable and gorgeous you think they have it. From cartoon characters, to stunning gems, pearls, different colors, designs and everything that you even hardly think of. The moment I got email from the Community Manager Steph W. I already got crazy of the enormous designs to chose from. And the best thing about EZ buys direct is the price. It is very affordable. You can check out their website and you can choose from their many designs at  http://www.ezbuysdirect.com/.

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Happy Monday beautiful friends and followers! Special shoutout to my new readers from Switzerland. Thank you.I always look forward for weekend. I guess everyone does where you can be lazy all day and spend time with your loveones. This weekend my husband told me we are invited by his friend and colleague to their farm. I got so excited because I know it will be fun. And so we headed last Saturday to the farm. We even brought our little dog lilly because we knew she will enjoy it as she love running in the field. It’s a beautiful day to walk in the farm. I so love the green sceneries while driving to the farm. It was marvelous! I can smell the fresh air, the grass and the sound of the fresh water in the river. Ah! so wonderful.

I grew up in Tropical land where we used to pick mangoes and coconuts. 🙂 So, I guess, you understand where my excitement came from. This is almost my first apple picking experience. Almost because the first time I picked an apple was an accident. We visited this certain hotel and saw wild apple near and I was so excited and picked some fruits just for the sake of experiencing it. 🙂 Now, I had it with all the tips from my husband’s family on how to pick the proper way. 🙂

I am thankful to my husband’s colleague for the opportunity. I got to ticked one item in my bucket list. Apple picking experience checked! I’m waiting for the grapes picking experience. I know it’s coming along the way.
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Namaste India. Thanks for reading my blogs.The first most inspiring and wonderful woman I know is my mother and then my sisters but aside from that there are other women that inspire me in fashion.
Being a woman is all about empowering another woman. And so I am giving credit to these women that I look up to in the world of fashion. We have our different styles but we are all beautiful in our way. I am a new blogger and I never thought I will meet more wonderful women around the world because of blogging. My blogger friends are my new inspirations as well. I like women who take care of their body. I am so inspired by my new found friends in the blogging world especially the mommy bloggers who at first glance I thought were single then later on I discovered they are already a mother. How inspiring right?I am always in awe to these wonderful women.

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Hello loves especially my readers from Greece. Oh la la I will visit your country soon. I know it is rich in culture and beautiful islands. 🙂 and of course I would love to meet some of my dear readers. :)My other job involves teaching English to kids and adults here in Nancy, France. As we all know with the exception of United Kingdom, Europe do not speak English. I noticed most kids wanted to speak English but just need a little boost. When I arrived in France I don’t know anything about the French language except BONJOUR, BONSOIR, AU REVOIR… it is very limited to greetings and MERCI (thank you). At least I learned the greetings on how to be polite. 🙂 I always speak English and for me it is always a struggle. I am in France I should speak French, that’s just right. But as I am still learning to be fluent in French, I’ve encountered teens and kids who would tell me that they also want to learn and speak English but there’s just no opportunity. This made me think that I would love to help these French kids and teens to be confident in their English. I know they learn English in school but I guess that’s not enough for them to be confident about it.

Here are some pointers to be more confident when speaking English.

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Château de Lunéville

Hello and thank you to my new new followers from Croatia and Spain.Last weekend was a blast. Mister Sun really gave us a big reason to celebrate. It was shining brightly in the sky.

My husband and I always go for an adventure every weekend. This weekend it has been good so we wanted to visit this chateau. We knew little about the place so thanks to google for always guiding us.  Meanwhile, as our always condition is that we help each other in driving. So I drove going and we stopped in a village with many people that looks like a feast. Indeed, it is a feast. A showcase of second hand things and other exhibits. We saw vintage cars, look in the big street sale thinking that the castle is just around the corner as we thought it is already the village where the chateau is located. Finally, we asked a man where is the direction of the castle when he said that it is still 12 km away lol. And we are actually in Dombasle sur Meurthe which is also a very nice village. I would have enjoyed the biggest thrift deals but we need to go to the castle. Here are some photos from Dombasle sur Meurthe.

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Hello and a special shoutout to my new followers from Germany.Almost Halloween. I guess as of this moment people are already crazy about their halloween custome at least in my country of origin. I missed those days where we enjoyed the trick or treat to the kids.

You’ll never be out of style with animal prints. Go and try for the simplest yet fabulous halloween get up.

My top and skirt is from H&M.

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Hello Saudi ARabia. Thank you for following my blogs.A happy Wednesday to all. It’s gloomy today that’s why I’m wearing a cardigan to protect myself from the not so friendly weather. I paired it with a floral skirt to turn the gloomy weather into a refreshing one. 🙂

My cardigan is from United colors of Benetton and skirt from Ann Christine a brand from Germany.
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Hello to some friends from Canada. Thank you.Leather weather for these days. Cold and cold and cold. I’m still not used to it. A biting cold is my enemy. On the positive side there are many great things that you can do only with cold weather. The smell of chestnuts roasting in the fireplace ahhh…., the cuddles near the fireplace, or even just listening to the sound of the wood burning in the fireplace, having hot chocolate etc.etc..

I’m wearing a leather short from TERRANOVA and a jacket from DOROTHY PERKINS and s scarf from H&M.
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Happy Monday everyone! especially to my followers from Portugal. Welcome to my blog and thank you. 🙂 One day, I’ll write blog straight from Portugal.I’ve been busy the past days because as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog my little dog was confined in the Veterinary clinic. I am thankful that she is fine now.

I have my student today learning English conversations and I’m wearing a beige trench coat from CA Yessica. I so love every details of this. A very light and classic color.
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