Happy Sunday beautiful friends! Ok, I don’t wanna spoil a beautiful Sunday by sounding like negative. These are just my random thoughts for today.

Have you ever felt trapped once in your life? I guess everyone did. I did. I felt trapped by some life complications. If we thought about it life is simple but as human as we are, we try to complicate things.

When I was a kid, I felt trapped by my parents rules, all I can do is to obey because they are my parents and I know it’s for my own good. When I was in law school, I felt trapped by my books. I am not a very studious person but I have to read those books to earn my degree. Continue reading


Hi friends! How’s your weekend going? I hope all is doing well according to your plans. It’s been a while and I wanna share with you my new discoveries.

First, I want to say that I am not a make up expert and to be honest I am just discovering it lately. Second, I am not paid or sponsored by these products. This is my personal take.

I am inspired by most youtubers and bloggers about make ups and I was like oh! I wanna try it too. I found myself trying these BB cream and CC cream. In Asia, these things are very popular. I particularly love the Korean make up products like the face shop, skin food, tony molly, etude house, etc…but since I am in Europe and these Korean make ups doesn’t exist in the corners of Europe, I have to look for somewhat similar that can enhance my Asian skin. I’ve read before that Asian women have to look particular products for Asian skin. Before Korean make ups invade the market, in the Philippines, we are used to  American and European products. As Korean products is made particularly for Asian women, my skin like it more. Now, I am trying these products on me.

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Hello beautiful peeps! I missed you all my friends. I mentioned in my last blog that I am pre-occupied lately with some things that I will of course share to all of you.

Weather is becoming good everyday and I’m savoring the spring smell of flowers and of course the ray of the sun. Oh, how I missed going outside. If you’ve noticed most winter days I seldom go out. Cold weather is my enemy. Yes, I am a tropic girl so that’s not really surprising.

I shall not forget, of course despite my busy teaching schedule I still managed to squeeze some time for shopping. Fashion will always be my first love. As I searched for some particular items I can’t get off my eyes to denims. I love denims and I can wear it everyday from skirt to tops and the classic denim jeans. The style that never fade, Denims!

I saw this overall at Jenifer and I can’t let go of it. This pair is just lovely isn’t it? I hope I gave justice to this outfit. This is summer perfect outfit easy and cool. I paired it with a refreshing white top from Pimkie and the shoes from Jenifer. You can even match this with cropped top tees or tank tops for cool summer outfit. Just perfect!

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