When the summer is gone? Unlike last year, summer this year is too short. We are now experiencing autumn weather. Even the trees aren’t ready for fall still. The leaves are very much attached and it doesn’t change colours yet. Undeniably we are on pre-mature fall weather. Sometimes there will be sun sometimes just cold and fog and rain. Oh luckily today is sunny.

Last weekend, we thought that we need to do our last leg of summer since the weather is not very friendly anymore for beach activities. We decided to visit German state Saarbucken.

Due to pre-mature fall weather. I decided to combine summer and fall in one outfit. I used my ever reliable white jupe and short in one from PIMKIE. Summer is all about white. My top is from H&M a natural black and white combination and a Tommy Hilfiger wedge that my husband gave me. I am carrying a jacket from CA that I can easily put when the cold weather strikes. That’s how easy it can be with the crazy weather.

Nothing go wrong with black and white combination

At the Saarbucken municipal hall where I’m wearing an almost fall outfit.

When the cold strikes, I put on my gray jacket I carried with me, but when the sun come I easily removed it and stay with my black and white combination.
As much as I wanted summer to stay fall is coming anytime soon so, better be ready.

Is it a yey or nay?

Have a great weekend my readers!




So you are a FILIPINO? You can sing well!!!Your throats are made for singing and belting those high notes! One of the comments I usually get when someone learned that I am a Filipino. To my dismay, I am an exception to that general rule because my friends can tell how bad I am in singing. lol I believe that saying though. I’ve seen a lot of filipino great singers. Why not? One of the ways Flipinos bond is through singing. No occassion will ever be complete and more fun without videoke, karaoke whatever you call it. There will always be a singing engagement. Would you believe even in wake, some people still sing to keep the mood light.

To date, Filipino singers are all over, they are all over the world. Recently, I’ve watched some video clips of Filipinos all over the world for auditions in the THE VOICE, X- FACTOR, AMERICAN IDOL etc. I really feel that having a good voice for singing is indeed ordinary for FILIPINOS. But wait! What happened to me? Why I can’t sing like them I am a Filipino as well. Don’t worry even if I can’t sing well I still have space during singing occassions. Sad to say, I belong to the minority haha. I want to share to you some video clips of Filipino’s auditioning in singing contest all over the world and those just singing for their love of singing.

If you happen to be a foreigner visiting the Philippines and the locals invited you (which usually happen) for some bottles of beer for singing in a karaoke or videoke or just around the neighborhood just go for it. It will be a blast! 🙂 absolutely!
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Chers lecteurs et de disciples, Septembre est l’ouverture de classes et les Ă©tudiant sou les organisations en particulier dans le dĂ©partement d’anglais ou apprendre l’anglais et de mettre en place un blog si vous voulez m’inviter pour un sĂ©minaire ou un haut-parleur sur la façon de commencer un blog et quels sont les sujets d’Ă©crire et de rien la langue anglaise, vous pouvez me contacter au +33664641497 ou mes numĂ©ro sĂ©crivez-moi Ă

J’espère vous voiret vous et vos organisation s’inspirer.

Ă  bientĂ´t!

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Cours d’anglais

Chers lecteurs et de disciples,à tous mes lecteurs européennes, en particulier françaises!!!

C’est Septembre et je suis de retour sur la bonne voie!

Annonçant mes services professionnels…

J’enseigne l’anglais Ă  des avocats et d’autres professionnels aussi pour les enfants Ă  partir de 2 ans et suivantes et les adolescents.

Heures de paiement par jour.

Vous pouvez vous renseigner à mon numéro de portable +33664641497 ou vous pouvez envoyer un email à

Je vis Ă  Saint Max France a fin de leçons en ligne, nous pouvons organiser l’horaire qui nous convient.

Ceux qui vivent dans saint max en particulier ceux qui ont des enfants Ă  des cours d’anglais peuvent tomber par Ă  la maison par pour que nous puis sion sen parler.

Merci et au plaisir de vous voir mes chers élèves.

Ă  bientĂ´t!


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Make up transformation

Because it’s gloomy day with a little bit rain aujourd’hui, I stayed at home and do some of my summer course homework in English common law. By the way, I’m on exam week already! To break the long reading of cases regarding banks, trusts etc… I decided to join the hype of make up transformation to recharge my brain! lolThe first one is of Mary Jean Lastimosa. She is the reigning Miss Universe Philippines. Here’s my #makeuptransformation version.

Images used from google.
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White bite! (mosure blanc)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. As white is the traditional color of summer, I embraced it and put on a peculiar genre for a more chic look. I remember my secondary school days with this skirt. Though we used it for physical fitness. I thought of reinventing the look for a more polished approach.
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L’Ă©tĂ© blanc et bleu (the white and blue summer)

Hello August! Summer will say goodbye in few days. I decided to put on my summer outfit for the day. White has been a summer tradition plus of course the florals and other colorful designs to match the scorching heat of the sun. I have combined comfortable, just and reasonable outfit  for the summer. One thing is sure I don’t splurge much with outfits. I love sales and thrift stores because I love the challenge putting them on together. It’s not the brand or the price, it’s how you carry it with fab and glam altogether! 🙂
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