Happy Monday beautiful friends and followers! Special shoutout to my new readers from Switzerland. Thank you.I always look forward for weekend. I guess everyone does where you can be lazy all day and spend time with your loveones. This weekend my husband told me we are invited by his friend and colleague to their farm. I got so excited because I know it will be fun. And so we headed last Saturday to the farm. We even brought our little dog lilly because we knew she will enjoy it as she love running in the field. It’s a beautiful day to walk in the farm. I so love the green sceneries while driving to the farm. It was marvelous! I can smell the fresh air, the grass and the sound of the fresh water in the river. Ah! so wonderful.

I grew up in Tropical land where we used to pick mangoes and coconuts. 🙂 So, I guess, you understand where my excitement came from. This is almost my first apple picking experience. Almost because the first time I picked an apple was an accident. We visited this certain hotel and saw wild apple near and I was so excited and picked some fruits just for the sake of experiencing it. 🙂 Now, I had it with all the tips from my husband’s family on how to pick the proper way. 🙂

I am thankful to my husband’s colleague for the opportunity. I got to ticked one item in my bucket list. Apple picking experience checked! I’m waiting for the grapes picking experience. I know it’s coming along the way.
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Château de Lunéville

Hello and thank you to my new new followers from Croatia and Spain.Last weekend was a blast. Mister Sun really gave us a big reason to celebrate. It was shining brightly in the sky.

My husband and I always go for an adventure every weekend. This weekend it has been good so we wanted to visit this chateau. We knew little about the place so thanks to google for always guiding us.  Meanwhile, as our always condition is that we help each other in driving. So I drove going and we stopped in a village with many people that looks like a feast. Indeed, it is a feast. A showcase of second hand things and other exhibits. We saw vintage cars, look in the big street sale thinking that the castle is just around the corner as we thought it is already the village where the chateau is located. Finally, we asked a man where is the direction of the castle when he said that it is still 12 km away lol. And we are actually in Dombasle sur Meurthe which is also a very nice village. I would have enjoyed the biggest thrift deals but we need to go to the castle. Here are some photos from Dombasle sur Meurthe.

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 “Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
Milan KunderaTo those who really know me, they knew how much my heart occupy space for dogs and cats. I grew up with dogs. My  family can’t live without them which I am thankful to my parents for raising us with animals. Studies says that kids who grew up with dogs at home enjoyed twice or thrice than those who doesn’t have pets. In my case, I can say that it’s true. I really had fun growing up with dogs. I learn to be responsible at a young age taking care of them.
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Best things living in France (from the viewpoint of an asian)

My first glimpse of France were on books, movies and history only. It was a dream. In 2012, I first came to France as a tourist. It was magical! Everything is beautiful in my eyes. From the busy streets to the people I saw around. To the lanscapes etc. etc. Now, I think, I need to write about it from the point of view of an asian living in France.Fate brought me in France. My husband work in French university in Nancy thats why we are here. Here are some of the best things I like living in France.

1. I love that everyone says BONJOUR! BONNEJOURNE! AU REVOIR! BONSOIR! BON APRES MIDI!….depending upon the time of the day. Politeness to the highest even they don’t know you.

2. I love it where everyone can have lunch in their hand without the need of spoon and fork and table. Yes, the convenience of the baguette sandwich.

3. I love fashion. I love it when I saw even old people keeping their fashionable side. Oh yes, those fur trench coats during winter, those towering high heels, scarfs and accessories. And those make up that I would feel everyday I’m in the movie seeing beautiful stars. Yeah! definitely I so love it.

4. The library in every village is enormous. I am glad I can borrow movie dvd’s, magazines such as vogue, elle, etc.

5. Yes! They have the best pastries in the world! Enough said!

6. I love the lanscapes. The parks that’s full of trees and the garden of flowers. Oh that just blow your day to a happy day everyday.
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Alone in Paris

Paris. When I think of Paris, I always associate it with dreams, love and romance. I never thought being alone in this romantic city can be as fun as I’ve imagined.

It is by chance that I have to travel alone in Paris. I need to go to the British embassy so this leaves me wandering alone in the “The City of Love”, but its most famous is “La Ville-Lumière” City of Lights. Though it is not my first time in Paris but still the thought that it is a big city and I speak only very little french makes me panic just a little. As soon as I finished with my appointment in the British Embassy I started my journey exploring the whole day alone in the city of love. I started asking in the tube station before I boarded the tube and the man in charge gave me a map of the whole Paris. He was very kind that he explained to me where I should go and where I should ride. I didn’t got most of his instructions but I’m off for the day’s challenge. Below is a photo of the whole Paris map with signs and symbols where to go and what tube to ride. And you can buy a whole day ticket tube ride where you have access to all rides. I guess it only costs 6€ for the whole day ride.
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Mabuhay! Hello! Ciao! Bonjour! :)My amore and I planned to have our Holiday in Spain but since we lack time because we are moving to France by the end of August we rushed days before the weekend running for my documents at the Philippine Embassy in Rome and ended up enjoying the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy.

I would like to share my favorite places and my outfits UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN.

We booked at this super beautiful bed and breakfast, CASA LUCIA. Our first rule in finding bed and breakfast is if they allow dogs since we have our little lilly (our dog). Thanks to italy for being a dog friendly country. No problem at all, though some extra posh and luxury places does not allow dogs.
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