Thank you Malaysia for following my blogs. πŸ™‚

What a lovely night to be out on a date with your love, right? Make it always special, I repeat, make it always special. πŸ™‚ These moments are to be treasured and it doesn’t matter how often you go out or where you go. Always put extra icing on it. I am not hard to please about date things. In fact, I prefer and love simple joys like eating ice cream in the park, I’ll be happy about it.

For a not so formal date night, I love to wear this MANGO dress given by my sister. I love how the flowers creates a dramatic effect on the black that suits for a bright night. Shoes from DOROTHY PERKINS also a gift. πŸ™‚
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Hi Poland! I noticed some first time followers from Poland. Thank you for following my blogs.We don’t want any negative thing to ruin our day right? With a little bit rain, and clouds we should still be on happy mode.

Spread love. Love is the greatest thing we can give. It is powerful. Instead of spreading negative things, turn it to positive. Spread love and everything follows. My outfit today is full of love and its purity. I combined the white pants with the love written on my top.

My top is from Miu Miu, pants from JENNIFER and my shoes from Le Coq sportif.
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HOLA! Gracias Espana for following my blogs.

Oh how I love Saturday… Doing my running and just relaxing.
I put so French title for this because I’m sporting the three colors of France. Blue, Red and White. Actually, it is also the dominant color of the Philippine flag.

I got my top from TOMMY HILFIGER, shorts from PIMKIE and my red shoes from the Philippines. I love the colorful dots of my top. SOOO French… and I love wearing it in France.
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Hello Australia! I love your country. I worked in an Australian law firm that’s why part of my heart belong to Australia. Thank you for following my blogs. πŸ™‚

Friday again!!! It’s a beautiful day with sun and of course cold. As the autumn begins, I feel more closer to nature. The tress and its beautiful colors and the falling leaves. I think fall is very romantic season. πŸ™‚

I love florals no matter what. I’m wearing a floral dress from JENNIFER. It has a big red belt but I can’t find it maybe I left it in the Philippines or in Italy so I just put another red belt that I have. Oh, I should be wearing a skin tone leggings but I just love my fishnet stockings from CALZEDONIA:) It’s the best for the autumn weather.
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SALUT! Romania. Multumesc!

Morning cold starts and when the sun appears at lunch time the cold remains. Officially fall! I love fall for the smell of chestnuts and the tress changing beautiful colors and of course it signals that Christmas is coming!!! πŸ™‚

I’m wearing something juicy that can fit the cold and sunny weather. My outfit just fits my biking day. Biking is more convenient because you don’t have to look for a parking area lol. Later in the afternoon, I’ll have a tour of historical castle with other French people.

I’m wearing a juicy couture outfit. πŸ™‚
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HELLO to my followers from BARBADOS. I was delighted when I checked my blog traffics and there are people from Barbados following my blogs. I really hope to visit your place one day. πŸ™‚

It’s Wednesday and I just want a relaxing day driving around the city of Nancy, France. I bought this jupe long time ago and I used it few times. I like the cut and the cloth that follows the way you move. πŸ˜› I added few accessories to make it more fab. I chose black on top because the skirt has black garter. How do I unblack thee? Black color keep your shape a little slimmer.

My top is from H&M which only costs like €4.99. Sandals is from BATA.
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HELLO USA! Thank you for following my blogs.

Mister Sun is still showing some badass appearance and so I’m taking all the chances to maximize the summer get ups. I’m happy with the weather. I don’t like cold, really! From one who lived in tropics all her life, my idea of cold is limited to comfortable Baguio weather where one jacket is enough or even without a jacket. πŸ™‚ Very very far from the cold I’m getting in Europe. πŸ™‚ Good thing about the European weather is you get to experience the four seasons and you change your outfits for every season. πŸ™‚

This seems to be a party dress but you can just add a coat that match you can go to the office and then after remove the coat you are ready to party. πŸ™‚ Serves both purpose.

My top is from CA. By the way, I keep mentioning CA. For those who don’t know CA is a German clothing line. My skirt is from FOREVER21 which I also love. Shoes is from DOROTHY PERKINS. It’s been a while I’m still wearing this skirt when I was working in Australian law firm. I missed my law firm life, seriously! I will go back to law firm here very very soon! πŸ™‚
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HOLA! Buenos dias Mexico! Thank you for following my blogs!

No Monday blues because I’m wearing yellow. I so love this dress because I can wear it for different styles to different occassions. I can wear it like semi formal to casual just changing accessories and shoes and viola! you have new outfit. I’m not even keeping this one for fall because I can still use this I’ll just put on leggings and scarf and change the shoes to booties and this dress automatically changes to fall.

This is from FOREVER21 my loves!. Purse is from Dorothy Perkins. I already wore this when I attended a wedding in Italy.
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Hello to my followers from Bulgaria! Thank you for following my blogs.

Before we say goodbye to weekend, we visited MUSEUMOTEL despite the hard rain. Since I am the one very interested to see the place when we saw it on national news, I drove myself to the place. It was beautiful and unique modern architectural designs. The place was really nice and tranquil. It can cater to couples and families. I think I need to make a separate bog about it.

It was raining so I wore something for the rain. Covering myself from rain and cold, I used boots and black leggings with the black and white skirt from PIMKIE. My white long sleeves shirt from CA with my blue scarf that I bought in Italy.
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BON WEEK-END! Merci à mes disciples Français. 

Finally, a relaxing weekend. Every weekend my husband and I escape the busy Nancy and go somewhere outside to visit nearby villages except during the first sunday of the month where all French museum is free and of course we grab this amazing oppurtunity. For this month we went to aqua museum. I enjoyed it a lot. We don’t really plan and have ino iterinaries so I usually wear casual clothes where I can go everywhere and still in style.Β 

The weather is a little bit crazy so I’m wearing something in the middle. Lazy Saturday means doing grocery, walk in the park and Saturday date night. Ahhh I love weekend!

Thanks to CA and JENNIFER for my outfit. Shoes from le sportif. I used my scarf as turban.
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