Hello beautiful people! Hello planet earth! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s June and we always thought JUNE about one thing WEDDINGS! wedding here and there, wedding everywhere! I love weddings! but of course more than wedding I love my beautiful married life. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got married twice already (in Italy and Philippines) of course to the same man and I want to have an altar date with him over and over again. Everytime I get to witness or see wedding I wish to get married again and again.

One of the most important thing for the bride is about her wedding gown after all it is her BIG DAY. It’ s every girls dream to be a princess for a day right?

Choosing your wedding gown can be really stressfull. Unless, you already pictured the wedding gown you wanted to wear ever since you were a child. ๐Ÿ™‚ But as we grow older, things change and we often change our mind too (ah! women). ๐Ÿ˜‰ The best advise I can give is as long as you know yourself more, the easier it will be. Your wedding gown shows your personality. The moment that you already found the right man for you means you already know yourself more. If you already knew me, you can even choose the right wedding gown for me. I have a bubbly personality the one that laughs like there’s no tomorrow.

RTW WEDDING GOWN. Yes, I wore a RTW wedding gown from France. The moment I saw the wedding gown at the wedding shop in France, I knew that it is the one for me. Yes, it was “love at first sight” with my wedding gown. I immediately went inside the shop and fit it. Awww, problem it was too big for me and the sad part is they only make one gown for each design. I’m so inlove with the design because I felt that it was meant for me, my personality. Aside from that, it was on sale!!. Seems that the universe is conspiring. You know wedding gowns in Europe can be very expensive. Prices can range from 2000โ‚ฌ or more. Sale is just perfect. Let’s be practical because we still have life after the wedding. How wonderful right? I fitted other gowns but I just can’t let go of my first choice. True love as you call it. I bought it thinking of having it altered to fit me. Indeed, I made the right choice. My tailor did a wonderful job altering it for me and I couldn’t be happier. I wore a Princess Ursula style in Ivory color wedding gown. I had my dream wedding gown on my wedding day. My wedding gown that just me, my personality. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here I am on my wedding day. :)

Here I am on my wedding day wearing a RTW Princess Ursula style wedding gown in ivory color from France ๐Ÿ™‚


I have pictured my second choice wedding gown. If I have to walk down the altar again with my husband. I would love to wear this Vera Wang mermaid cut gown. They say, mermaid cut is perfect for a slim and tall brides. Luckily, I belong to that category. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so inlove with this. Dreams do come true and one day this will be real. ๐Ÿ˜‰

photo grab from google. Vera Wang gemma gown

photo from google. Vera Wang gemma gown


I would love to hear your wedding gown stories. Tell me about it on the comment section.

To all who are getting married this June and for the coming months, I wish you all the luck and blessings in this planet. May you all walk in love and more than the wedding and wedding gowns may you all have the most beautiful married life this planet has to offer.

Weekend is almost here! Cheers!





Hi loves! How time flies and we are halfway of the year… I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. Finally, the sun is up and summer is already here. I am in France and we are getting at least 37ยฐ day by day. How wonderful isn’t it?

Summer is my most favorite time of the year. Ahhh J’adore le soleil!!! (i love the sun) I’m stocking a lot of Vit D to make up for the lost vitamins during the winter.

Last weekend, the husband and I went to a lake in Vosges a place in France also called the Vosges Mountains, are a range of low mountains in eastern France, near its border with Germany.ย  I will make a separate blog about the place because it has its own beauty that can captivate everyone. For now, let me share with you my lasting true love for denims, flowers and the sun.

If you are an avid reader of my blog you probably knew me too well. I am obsessed with denims and florals. Anything with these two make me happy.

I am too happy to share with you that I found these two favorites of mine in one dress. Yes, I found a floral denim dress. If you are thinking about summer and wearing denim you might think ah! that might be too hot for the summer. You know people in the fashion world are genius. They make light denims for a dress and make it more appealing for the summer.

I found this one from Tom Tailor Denim and it just brings a lot of happiness to me. A denim with flowers. Wow! The light material for denim brings so much freshness and comfort. I could not ask for more. ๐Ÿ™‚


Enjoying the Sun and my dress

Enjoying the Sun, the greens, the lake and my dress



I paired it with a white sneaker from Jenyfer

I paired it with a white sneaker from Jennyfer

Rocking the style with my denim hairbow given my a friend.

at 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant Rocking the style with a denim hairbow given by my friend.

I hope you like my outfit for today. Have a fabulous week ahead my loves. Until next outfit stories with some revelations which I know pretty obvious already ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stay cool and beautifl this summer. Don’t forget to wear sunblock.





Hi friends! How’s your weekend going? I hope all is doing well according to your plans. It’s been a while and I wanna share with you my new discoveries.

First, I want to say that I am not a make up expert and to be honest I am just discovering it lately. Second, I am not paid or sponsored by these products. This is my personal take.

I am inspired by most youtubers and bloggers about make ups and I was like oh! I wanna try it too. I found myself trying these BB cream and CC cream. In Asia, these things are very popular. I particularly love the Korean make up products like the face shop, skin food, tony molly, etude house, etc…but since I am in Europe and these Korean make ups doesn’t exist in the corners of Europe, I have to look for somewhat similar that can enhance my Asian skin. I’ve read before that Asian women have to look particular products for Asian skin. Before Korean make ups invade the market, in the Philippines, we are used toย  American and European products. As Korean products is made particularly for Asian women, my skin like it more. Now, I am trying these products on me.

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Hello beautiful peeps! I missed you all my friends. I mentioned in my last blog that I am pre-occupied lately with some things that I will of course share to all of you.

Weather is becoming good everyday and I’m savoring the spring smell of flowers and of course the ray of the sun. Oh, how I missed going outside. If you’ve noticed most winter days I seldom go out. Cold weather is my enemy. Yes, I am a tropic girl so that’s not really surprising.

I shall not forget, of course despite my busy teaching schedule I still managed to squeeze some time for shopping. Fashion will always be my first love. As I searched for some particular items I can’t get off my eyes to denims. I love denims and I can wear it everyday from skirt to tops and the classic denim jeans. The style that never fade, Denims!

I saw this overall at Jenifer and I can’t let go of it. This pair is just lovely isn’t it? I hope I gave justice to this outfit. This is summer perfect outfit easy and cool. I paired it with a refreshing white top from Pimkie and the shoes from Jenifer. You can even match this with cropped top tees or tank tops for cool summer outfit. Just perfect!

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Happy Wednesday beautiful people! I just came from the gym and as I’m feeling all sorts of muscle pain right now I sat down and share with you my journey as a bridesmaid or just a wedding guest. I love weddings! Yes, I get so excited everytime I heard someone is getting hitch whether it is a friend or not! I am excited about the details, the themes and the wedding gown of course. As much as possible I don’t wanna missed a friend’s wedding. Before I became a bride, I’ve been to countless weddings. No, I’m not the most sought after bridesmaid or wedding guest haha just that I have so many friends and I love to enjoy their lifetime memories. I enjoyed every wedding I’ve been to.

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Hello fab friends!

My first time to embrace this French tradition of La gallette de rois. It is the French three kings tradition, Epiphany that is celebrated every 6th of January. During this period in France, all the patisserie sell this cake called La gallette de rois. It is delicious I have to say. Inside the cake is a treasure of something gold or silver or bronzeย  and if you happen to get it you’ll be wearing the crown. If you buy the cake a crown is included. It is definitely a fun activity after Christmas. And if you are in France what a sight to behold,ย  you’ll see some kids coming back from school wearing crowns and oh some random people too not just kids. Now, I don’t have to wonder what’s the crown for? A nice tradition! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Hello beautiful people! How’s your day going on?

Everyone wanted to be fabulous and gorgeous everyday. Not only in how we carry ourselves and how we dressed up but everything that includes therein.

Yes, I’m not really a gadget freak person as long as I have a mobile where I can communicate with my family and friends I’m fine with it. But of course I wanted my mobile to go well with my get ups and I found the most affordable way for it. Just chosing the right cases for your mobile phone and Ipad will give your outfit extra personality and new stunning look everyday.

I am glad to introduce you to EZ buys Direct. An online shop to satisfy your imagination for your mobile cases. The fashionable and gorgeous you think they have it. From cartoon characters, to stunning gems, pearls, different colors, designs and everything that you even hardly think of. The moment I got email from the Community Manager Steph W. I already got crazy of the enormous designs to chose from. And the best thing about EZ buys direct is the price. It is very affordable. You can check out their website and you can choose from their many designs atย

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Namaste India. Thanks for reading my blogs.The first most inspiring and wonderful woman I know is my mother and then my sisters but aside from that there are other women that inspire me in fashion.
Being a woman is all about empowering another woman. And so I am giving credit to these women that I look up to in the world of fashion. We have our different styles but we are all beautiful in our way. I am a new blogger and I never thought I will meet more wonderful women around the world because of blogging. My blogger friends are my new inspirations as well. I like women who take care of their body. I am so inspired by my new found friends in the blogging world especially the mommy bloggers who at first glance I thought were single then later on I discovered they are already a mother. How inspiring right?I am always in awe to these wonderful women.

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Hello and a special shoutout to my new followers from Germany.Almost Halloween. I guess as of this moment people are already crazy about their halloween custome at least in my country of origin. I missed those days where we enjoyed the trick or treat to the kids.

You’ll never be out of style with animal prints. Go and try for the simplest yet fabulous halloween get up.

My top and skirt is from H&M.

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Hello Saudi ARabia. Thank you for following my blogs.A happy Wednesday to all. It’s gloomy today that’s why I’m wearing a cardigan to protect myself from the not so friendly weather. I paired it with a floral skirt to turn the gloomy weather into a refreshing one. ๐Ÿ™‚

My cardigan is from United colors of Benetton and skirt from Ann Christine a brand from Germany.
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