I don’t need help

I have my family and I’ll get through this

Everything is falling apart

Life is not treating me good lately

Lost my best shot for a job because of my stupidity.

Been in a huge mess..

Life is not treating me fair.

Been crying every night..

Everything seems broken…

Everyday I’m trying..im trying ..I’m trying..keep going .keep going ..no direction just living. Living and living…

Oh kids! I love you so much. I love you so much. I love you so much … I LOVE YOU all so much.


I look forward for a holiday that we don’t entertain people.

Not all, but most of our family holidays are entertaining people and it’s always been more stressful. I never like it. My idea of holiday is relaxing not entertaining other people and hosting lunch and dinners.

I miss real holidays where you go to a place and relax not stressing over having visitors.

Holidays should be enjoyed and not stress over other people.