In the midst of darkness;

scrapped happiness;

no one’s business;

crap is all you see.

you chose positivity

but someone’s pull out negativity,

the battle is on going,

keep trying,

sometimes it’s almost the end,

hang on to the rope,

I’ll hold your hand and never let go,

but you are “seul”

gotta hang for yourself,

and the life you made through,

you asked?

Is it worth it?

Is it worthy?

Is it me?

the “seul” me is the culprit;

the life has been taken away,

returning is not in bright sight,

who knows?

the stars’ the moon, and the universe in general,

shall I continue?

shall I know you?

Self? Self? Self?

Oh! you’ve been knackered,

stand up, stand tall, stand still,

fight all your falling pieces

until dawn, until unknown

no one will do

because you are “seul”.

Oh! how I love you!

will you fight for me too?

answers are deaf in the flowing river;

the wind blowing,

the biting cold is real and the leaves whisper to your ears

move on, move on,

everyday is an opportunity,

just live on,

you aren’t “seul”

you aren’t “seul”

you have the universe,

to chase and believe,

live on, live on,

stay still, stay strong,

go on, fight the battle,

because you are not “seul”

autumn feels

autumn feels





Hi friends! How’s your weekend going? I hope all is doing well according to your plans. It’s been a while and I wanna share with you my new discoveries.

First, I want to say that I am not a make up expert and to be honest I am just discovering it lately. Second, I am not paid or sponsored by these products. This is my personal take.

I am inspired by most youtubers and bloggers about make ups and I was like oh! I wanna try it too. I found myself trying these BB cream and CC cream. In Asia, these things are very popular. I particularly love the Korean make up products like the face shop, skin food, tony molly, etude house, etc…but since I am in Europe and these Korean make ups doesn’t exist in the corners of Europe, I have to look for somewhat similar that can enhance my Asian skin. I’ve read before that Asian women have to look particular products for Asian skin. Before Korean make ups invade the market, in the Philippines, we are used to  American and European products. As Korean products is made particularly for Asian women, my skin like it more. Now, I am trying these products on me.

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Hello beautiful people! It’s been a while again. I hope you are all doing great. I have been pre-occupied lately and there are more important reasons why I seldom write a blog lately. I missed blogging a lot and I missed you all. That’s why I’m back.

It’s spring time!!! The weather I always look forward to. You know I only love winter one day or two then I patiently wait for spring. Winter really makes me sad. On the positive note, come to think of it, no matter how long the winter stays, there is always spring in the end. I remember the saying “Behind the clouds, the sun still shine”.

And what’s my new beginnings for spring 2015? First, I have very important beginning to reveal soon. For now, let me hold it for a little suspense but I assure you it is a wonderful blessing. I would share my happiness to all of you the soonest possible.

Aside from my surprise, my other new beginning is my new class that I am teaching. It is an English class for beginners and guess what my students are all professionals. I am very careful about it. Can you imagine I have four accountant students, a banker, a social worker and other professions. It is my pleasure though to teach them English.

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When life takes the wind out of your sails, it is to test you at the oars. ~ Robert Brault

Good morning my beautiful readers. I know it’s Monday so I am sending you all the positive vibes. I hope you all have a great week ahead.

Have you tried fishing? I did when I was young. We would go to the river with my childhood friends and do fishing. Now, I think it is good to share what I’ve learned from it. Everytime we catch fish we are very happy. There is a sense of fulfillment in it. But as you know the fish move a lot because he is not comfortable in his new place and if the fish manage to jump and escape the only tendency is to go back to water. That’s normal reaction right? The fish does not know what to do with his/her life in the land. The fish belongs to the water and he’s happy in that place. Why would we try to pull them out from their environment. For some reasons, we can do so as long we can provide them adequate environment that equates their former home.

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1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love is blind. Love has no bounderies. Love has no race. True! When two people from the other side of the world fell in love both has to deal with the so called “cultural differences”.

Sometimes I find myself thankful to the Spanish and American colonization at least the culture where I came from is not much different from the rest of the world. My husband asked me about the giving of “dowry” because as he read about Asia he came across of giving “dowry” before marriage. He asked me if it is being practiced in the Philippines. I said no. (I should have said yes, maybe he’s willing to give dowry lol) As Philippines has many western influence and being an archipelago in south east Asia, we are far apart from the culture of our neighboring Asian countries. I guess even the looks I’ve always been mistaken as Spanish or “latina”. I forgot I have Asian nose lol. The only Asian thing in our culture I guess is eating a lot of rice and noodles.

My husband is Italian. I’m a Filipino. My husband is from a developed country and I am from a developing country. So here are our cultural differences.

TRAFFIC. When my husband is driving just 3 or 5 cars in front of him he starts complaining of traffic. Oh! we should have not take this road can you see the traffic. While on my end, where’s the traffic? My idea of traffic is when you are totally blocked and cars are not moving. lol He complain about too many traffic lights while on my end there are some places in my country that even needs traffic light but due to lack of funds or corruption cannot have it.

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