I would like to encourage more people about blogging especially the students. English language students in France. Many asked me about how to start a website and what to write on blogs. I would usually reply to just express yourself. Your blogs will be your thoughts and feelings it reflects your personality so just express it.To my french readers/followers and all other european students/university students especially those who’s into learning the English language. I can help you. Take the plunge!!!!!! It will go a long way.

For speaker engagement inquiries and styling events about the power of blogging you can reach me through e-mail at

My mobile number is +33664641497. Skype id is anniebarrister.

Let’s share more about the world of blogging.

E-mail me for details. You can also follow me on twitter @annemilallos and instagram as duchess_anne.

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Thank you. See you all.



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