Hello loves especially my readers from Greece. Oh la la I will visit your country soon. I know it is rich in culture and beautiful islands. 🙂 and of course I would love to meet some of my dear readers. :)My other job involves teaching English to kids and adults here in Nancy, France. As we all know with the exception of United Kingdom, Europe do not speak English. I noticed most kids wanted to speak English but just need a little boost. When I arrived in France I don’t know anything about the French language except BONJOUR, BONSOIR, AU REVOIR… it is very limited to greetings and MERCI (thank you). At least I learned the greetings on how to be polite. 🙂 I always speak English and for me it is always a struggle. I am in France I should speak French, that’s just right. But as I am still learning to be fluent in French, I’ve encountered teens and kids who would tell me that they also want to learn and speak English but there’s just no opportunity. This made me think that I would love to help these French kids and teens to be confident in their English. I know they learn English in school but I guess that’s not enough for them to be confident about it.

Here are some pointers to be more confident when speaking English.

1. SPEAK WHEN THERE IS OPPORTUNITY. When you encounter someone in the street or you hear someone speaking English just ask simple questions to start a conversation. For example. ask where he/she come from what he/she is doing in France?

Oh! you speak English. From where are you?

2. DON’T BE AFRAID TO COMMIT MISTAKE. Remember no one is perfect so we all commit mistake. Please note that no one is killed for speaking wrong grammar! 🙂

3. ASK QUESTIONS. If you did commit mistake ask questions why, is that proper? Be curious.

4. BE INTERESTED. Always be interested in the language. Embrace it. I’m not saying that you forget your original language just be interested in the English connections. Attend events with English speaking people.

5. BE YOURSELF. Nothing is more beautiful learning by just being yourself. You are beautiful because you are being you.

I know it is easier said than done. But believe me it works! Be confident. Be brave. Don’t be shy.

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How confident are you?

a demain.

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