“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”
Milan KunderaTo those who really know me, they knew how much my heart occupy space for dogs and cats. I grew up with dogs. My  family can’t live without them which I am thankful to my parents for raising us with animals. Studies says that kids who grew up with dogs at home enjoyed twice or thrice than those who doesn’t have pets. In my case, I can say that it’s true. I really had fun growing up with dogs. I learn to be responsible at a young age taking care of them.

This Friday morning, I was walking at San Sebastian mall in Nancy, France, I saw this familiar old handicapped woman in a wheel chair with her guide dog. The guide dog has no leash inside the mall. As they are approaching near the bar, I saw the dog jumped to his heart and eyes with happiness. It melts my heart. 🙁 I feel like they are regular customer of the bar. I am right indeed. The dog jumped and you know when you are a dog owner you exactly know what they want even though the dog is a stranger to you. I knew that the dog is excited to be at the bar. The dog and the woman in the wheel chair were together when the dog look at the woman with joy and smile in his eyes. I saw the woman smiled at him and then the dog suddenly jumped out of joy and run to the bar and exactly stopped at the door. The bar owner greeted the dog with the pat on the head. My heart really melts that I wanted to cry. Dogs are really man’s best friends. I thought of so many bad people around but these animals just have the purest of their hearts to give to us. I can’t stop looking at the situation. The dog should have been enjoying with other dogs but he is serving this old woman as a guide. I often don’t tolerate people who have hatred for animals. How can you not leave a space in your heart for this little creatures. They are such a bundle of good looking living things that gave us the purest joy and love.Dog is the sweetest living thing God gave us for company. I have more respect to people who love dogs and any other animal. If you are thinking of having one, adopt one now!

My neice and Hunk playing (Hunk is our 15 year old mixed breed dog)

It’s been a good week! Bon week-end my dear readers! Until then.

Au revoir.


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