Hello beautiful people and hello beautiful world! I am back again after long hiatus. But this time I want to be more visible as always. I missed blogging a lot but as I am preparing for the most important event of my life I always have a hard time writing blogs. In a few weeks I know I will be pre-occupied again but I wanted to share to all of you a little bit of my thoughts, opinions and life.

Life is precious and we should always be positive about it. I just want to be happy. I am not perfect in fact I am very far from that. I always commit mistakes but at the end of the day I thought about the lessons it teaches me. Happiness is a choice and I chose to be one. I am not saying that negative thoughts never ever cross my mind, it does, many times but I chose to let it go by praying and thinking of happy thoughts and positive things.

This summer as I prepare for the most important event of my life which I will share with you in my next post. I have a lot of thoughts about it and dreams. I’m a dreamer and will always be. I have dreamt a lot of things in my life since I was a kid but of course not all your dreams come true. The world is not a fairy tale but a reality. To chase for your dreams you need to work for it and work hard for it. There are dreams that you just have to let go because it’s not meant to be. I have a degree in Law in the Philippines but I guess it’s time to let it go because I cannot practice it in this foreign land.

As I entered married life and family life my dreams have become more about my family. My husband and the family we are having.

As my husband painted the home in Italy because we wanted to rent it since we are not living there I thought of having a family home where I am the queen and I can choose the furnitures and arrange it according to my taste. Since we are in France and we don’t really know if we are staying here for good or we will move to another country in a few years I have limited thoughts about decorating our home besides it’s hard to move out when you have a lot of things to carry.

I dream for my husband to fulfill all his dreams because he is a very good person, a very smart and considerate person I know. He is really good, really! and I am always proud of him. (tears falling as I write this ;))

I dream for my future children. All I wanted is for them to be nice and happy people where they respect everyone including the environment. I want them to be God fearing children too. Praying is my best armor when I thought about negative things and it always turns to positive whatever my worries are. 100% proven. I am a praying woman.

I dream of owning a farm in the province not that big but where I can create my own garden of flowers and plant my organic vegetables and fruits. I love planting and gardening. Just imagining the happiness it will give you when harvest time arrives.

I dream of going back to my law firm job. Not in my country of origin since I am now living here in France but in Luxembourg. Everyday I checked the jobs available for me eventhough I know I cannot apply yet in the coming years. Just to inspire me to work hard for my French language and to prepare for it when the day arrives that I can now qualify to work there. I’m very positive about it and I know I will make it. God’s perfect time.

Just this moment I dream of owning a business. An online business perhaps? or clothing line, homemade accessories or about showcasing Filipino foods in this continent? any other kind of business that will give me opportunities to showcase my creativity and talent (still to discover what my talent is) 🙂 and of course to earn money while I cannot work yet. I keep searching the net about entrepreneurship and I know one day I’ll hit it. (keeping fingers cross)

I am not a good writer but I also dream about writing in a fashion magazine or a newspaper. That sounds fun. For now I will keep blogging to practice my writing skills. You’ll never know one day a magazine, or newspaper might spot my blogs and consider me for writing. 😉

For now these are all my dreams and of course I will share other dreams I have in my blogs. I just want to share that we are all entitled to dream. No dream is neither big or small, after all it’s free and we can have unlimited dreams and work hard for it. It inspires us to be better and achieve it in its perfect time.

Here is the happy me during our vacation in Italy this summer. Ready to swing and chase my dreams.

Here is the happy me during our vacation in Italy this summer. Ready to swing and chase my dreams.

I hope I am inspiring you today. It’s a gloomy day here in the North east side of France. Have a sip of hot chocolate or coffee it will make your day brighter.






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