Hello beautiful people! This is the first time I’m blogging about mommyhood if that word really exist. I want to call it mommyhood that is everything about mommy duties and everything in between.

Before our little one arrive we’ve been scouting and researching about the things to buy. The first concern is how he will sleep after he came home from the hospital. He can’t sleep with us as he is too fragile. He can’t be too far away because he needs to be feed every two hours. It is a tough job researching from one product to another because most products promised good quality. Of course when it comes to your baby you only want the best. But still you have to be careful in buying considering each quality a point to review and think about.

My husband and I have been reading all product reviews and in the end, we are convinced by this CHICCO NXT2ME co-sleeping. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful reviews about this product and we are convinced to buy it for our little one. We ordered it through Amazon and indeed the product is amazing and I’m very happy about it. It is a complete package just as you need the most of it especially me as a new mom, I have a lot of concerns and adjustments to make. CHICCO NXT2ME is such a relief.

Some advantages:

  • for the word NEXT TO ME your baby is literally next to you and you can see him/her while you are conveniently sleeping without getting up in the middle of the night. Baby is just arms reach.
  • your baby is beside you but you have no worries about rolling up on your baby while sleeping.
  • if you are breastfeeding it is so easy and convenient such a relief
  • you don’t need to get up if he makes coo coo at night you just have to look at him if he is ok
  • you can cuddle, kiss and play with him anytime while he/she is beside you in the bed
  • you can bring it anywhere, travelling is so easy because it is foldable.
  • if you don’t feel like co-sleeping you can zip the part facing to you and let it just like the normal crib
  • Price is fine. It is affordable
  • Chicco has been in the market and maintained good quality baby products.

The only disadvantage I can think of is it can accomadate only until your baby is 6 month old and then you will need the regular crib to put him but it doesn’t really matter. For the 6 month period you get to enjoy your baby without any hassle. Less stress on your part and more sleep at night too.

chicco nxt2me (photo from google)

chicco nxt2me (photo from google)


DISCLAIMER: I am not paid by CHICCO to blog about it. Everything is based on my experience. I so love this product.

I hope you will consider this product if you are a new mom or preparing things for your baby. Enjoy!






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