Dear Chiara Léa,

My little super beautiful, smart and adorable little girl. You are a wonderful gift to mama, papa and to your brother. We love you dearly. What a fun summer we had! We traveled to Italy this summer and how fun it was. I hope you enjoyed your second summer as much as we did. But I’m sure you did. You enjoyed the beach fun with your brother. You turned one year old, and got baptized. I can’t count how many “prosecco’s” we’d opened to cheer with family and friends from Padova to Ancona to the South in Bitonto! Like your brother you are a big blessing to us! Papa’s lucky charm. You don’t know it yet but papa passed his “concours” (french) for the top job! You are all assured of a bright future by now. Papa did really well because you guys are his inspiration. Without you, all will be vague and blurry.  Mama need to stay home to take care of you. But with you, our children, we knew we wanted to give you the best future you deserve! Only the best for you.



you were so adorable at 3 months old

chiara Léa at 4 months… It was autumn and you turned 4 months. Mama did some DIY art photography by picking up some fall leaves to decorate 😉


Happy baby and will always be

As you turned one year old, we are so happy that you are growing to be happy and healthy baby. I still remember the sleepless nights we had to endure with you. When you were about 5 to 10 months you’d always woke up in the middle of the night at around 2 to 4 am, you took a break from sleeping and we don’t know what to do. I offered you my milk but to no avail. You just wanted to stay awake. Ahhh my Chiara! We are happy that you had outgrown that stage and you are a super great sleeper toddler now. You are so active and can say Papa (which you often say) more than mama? But why? kidding! I love you, little girl. Sometimes mama gets so tired that I cannot carry you but please do understand that mama is just human and has no super power. My only super power is getting your breastfed for the whole one year for you to get the best milk in the world. And at exactly one year you gave up the boobies and stopped latching. Maybe you wanted to give mama a rest. Thank you. You have been really good.

I pray that you continue to grow as a good person. A sweet, loving and God fearing girl and eventually a woman. Always pray. Always be thankful and grateful. Remain positive. Stay calm. Always be kind to others, it will go a long way. The road to success will not be easy but please do know that you are not alone. You have Papa, Mama, your brothers to guide and support you and help you achieve your dreams. The sure thing is there will always be tough times, rough roads but hey, you have a bunch of the best tribes, your family, to back you up and lend a hand and help you get there. Always, always bear that in your mind.


Memorable moments with your brother. You can always count on us. We are family.

Con Papa and your brother 😉

We are family and we will always have each other.  Always remember that we will always be here to support, cheer and celebrate with you. And lilly too.

Like your brother, Papa and Mama are your best friends. Please always tell us your stories, laugh with us, hug and cry with us. Every moment is a call for papa and mama to help and celebrate with you. Don’t hide secrets. Honesty can bring you success. I love you very much and we are your family who will always be here for you.


Always love and pray. We love you little girl.



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