Dove girl audition

I wanted to share a little secret.I was 21 and freshman in law school. Dove launched their search for a new tv ad dove girl. I don’t know what entered my mind. Despite coping up as a freshman law student I joined the search. lol I read all the mechanics and all I can remember is that I submitted a wallet size photos of different angles, whole body, half body, smiling, not smiling, etc… It is for testimonial advertisement saga. Thanks to ely’s studio that time. haha I also submitted an essay about why they should choose me to be the next dove girl. Another essay on why I use dove and why dove makes me beautiful? I can’t remember what I wrote on those essays but I can still remember my entry on why dove makes me beautiful.

Why dove makes you beautiful? (echos essay for the sake of the commercial lol)

As a freshman law student, I am coping up to a lot of adjustments and stress. Law school is stressful. My nights and days are pre-occupied with reading and/or digesting cases, lots of cases…and then there is dove.

Dove makes me beautiful because despite my sleepless nights and stressfull law school environment, I am able to maintain a fresh face everyday and dove is my secret. Even my classmates and professors noticed the glow in my face during recitations. 😉 Dove gives me that kind of confidence that only a dove girl can understand. I used dove everyday and I am beautiful.

I know everyone of you is laughing at me now and wanted to know what happened to my entry.


It was I guess months before they replied if I made it or not. I already forgot about it. One day, Mr. Postman delivered a big package for me. When I opened the box it was full of Dove soaps, lotion, shower gels and a letter plus a dove silver necklace.

It was a big astonishment! The letter says, thank you for joining the search. We are grateful for your entry and we would like to inform you that you made it to the top 20 of our selection. We are giving you a month supply of Dove products and a Dove silver necklace.

Top 20 is not bad at all considering that it’s a nation wide search. I get to enjoy a month supply of Dove and the dove necklace that I keep until now.

the photo I submitted
the dove silver necklace I will forever treasure

Thank you for the opportunity Dove. And yes, I still use dove until now. 🙂

Today, I am blessed because I am beautiful and for that I am thankful! 🙂

Happy monday everyone.

à bientot


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