EASY BREASTFEEDING wait, what, how? A first time mom’s guide to breastfeeding

I’d say there’s no formula on how you can keep cool and chill in breastfeeding because it all depends on you and your baby. Hello there wonderful people!

I’ve been wanting to write about my “first time mom” journey but you know I don’t hold my time anymore. It all depends on my little one’s mood. He’s been good lately and so the weather so most of the time I’d rather stay outside push the stroller and get some doze of vitamin D for the beginning of spring.

Even before I got pregnant I already knew I will breastfeed my baby. As every mother wants only the best for her child. I am so into it and I know I can do it. Looks so easy, right? Yes, it is! until I experienced it by myself. No, it’s not that easy at first? It was hard to begin with.

The night my son was born the hospital staffs immediately handed him to me to breastfeed. I felt like this is easy. I did my assignment after all. I read a lot about it, did my own research (a lot) so this is nothing. Until I am in the actual situation.  You know you can read everything you want up to the last note about your research but in the end the actual practice is very different. I thought breastfeeding is just “a walk in the park”, all you have to do is to put him/her in your breast and viola! you are feeding your baby. Unfortunately, that’s not my case. Of course when the baby was born he doesn’t know anything like how to latch. He doesn’t know where is your nipple and this also goes to the mother believe me what you have read and researched for like 9 months or more will be nothing in actual situation.

So, the first time I attempted to breastfed my baby I have no milk but the hospital staffs were so into it and told me to just try so the milk will come out. I think I am so lucky with the breastfeed friendly hospital in France. They are so patient about teaching new mothers like me. In the end they gave my baby some milk through drops so at least he will not be dehydrated while I’m trying to let my milk out.

TRY AND TRY. At first I did not appreciate it that much but the hospital staffs were so persistent about breastfeeding. They just let me rest after giving birth for like two hours and after that they would come to my room again and try the baby to latch to get the milk pouring. It took a while for my milk to come out. On the second day they told me to pump and pump and that started the milk to come out but very very little. I would let them refrigerate the little milk I got. Yes, every drop counts. On the third day that’s when my milk came out but still my baby is learning how to latch he doesn’t know anything. I am so thankful to the home visit of “sage femme” the French government is giving because it helps me a lot get into breastfeeding. As my baby doesn’t know how to latch she gave me a temporary silicon nipple that will get my baby into latching as it is big and the milk flow directly to the silicon nipple. Ah, thankfully it works! I used this for like a month to get him stimulated in latching in the nipples and now I breastfeed like a pro without the silicon nipple.

NOT EASY. At first it was “NOT EASY”. Imagine the sleepless nights as you are just adjusting to everthing physically, morally and emotionally. It wasn’t easy. Physically your body just wanted to give up as it was all sore from your nipples down to your entire body. It was like everything in pain because everything is first time. It was like you went to the gym for the first time and the next day you can’t stand up because of the pain? That’s how I felt during the first days of my breastfeeding journey.

ASK HELP. If you are having a hard time, don’t hesitate to ask help. Seek help from the experts or from the people you are comfortable with.

SUPPORT. But to make your journey easy in some way. You need group support.

First, I would say of course your husband. I am just so thankful and lucky that my husband supports me all the way in my motherhood journey especially in my breastfeeding to the point that he’s telling me if he can only breastfeed he already did so I can have some rest. True enough. Even at times he doesn’t need to, I would tell him to just sleep because he doesn’t need to be beside me all the time when I feed the baby but he would make an effort to give support that I am not alone in this journey. He always assures me that this is “OUR” “parenthood journey” and that we are always together all throughout. Yes, we are a TEAM!

Second, is from the Hospital and its staffs e.g. nurses, ob, etc. Choose a breastfeed friendly hospital. I bet most hospital is an advocate of breastfeeding but it take a very patient hospital staffs to push you to it. It will not be easy especially if the milk is on delay. You just want to give up and feed him formula. But with a strict and patient hospital staffs I did it! I wouldn’t be successful if not with their patience too.

Third, the people around you. Surround yourself with happy and positive people. Don’t stress with your “parent-in-laws” or your own mother “know-it-all” “been there-done that” lectures. Always remember each case is different. Everyone has its own story and as every pregnancy is unique every mother has its own way and every child is unique. It has different characteristics. No case is similar. Always point it out if someone try to lecture you about these and that. Just be happy and enjoy your most wonderful role in this beautiful world being a “MOMMY”.


here I am breastfeeding at galleries de la fayette PARIS, FRANCE


Just enjoy your journey and all will be fine. Now, I am enjoying breastfeeding a lot. I think it is very sweet and precious. I am enjoying a lot of its advantages. Coming up next in my blog about the perks of a breastfeeding momma.




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