It’s one of my favorite time of the year! Hello beautiful people. Time flies huh! Officially, it’s 24 days before Christmas all over the world. I hope you are all keeping warm with the winter.

I love Christmas. I have vivid memories of Christmas since I was a child back in the Philippines. Now, I have my own family and all I want is happy memories for my family especially for my little one. I still cry everytime I see him very innocent sleeping. I just pray I can give him all he wanted and make him happy. Ah! my little one became my world. I think about him all the time. I know I should balance everything because I have a husband and myself to take care of. I want every moment to be memorable for my baby. I want to document every memories we make.

Living away from home means spending Christmas away from my family the home I grew up with (Philippines) makes me sad. I will miss the craziness we have. The laughter we share that seems there’s no tomorrow. The throwing of jokes, the catching up. The acceptance that no matter what you look, what you wear, no matter what they say you are loved and welcome. You are free to do whatever you want. I guess I miss my family back home that much. I’m looking forward of making memories with them again soon when my little one will understand the concept of Christmas so he will have memories of Christmas in the Philippines. For now, I am happy to be blessed and celebrate Christmas with my own family in France. Our first Christmas in France since we decided not to go home in Italy.

mon petite famille. first Christmas with my little one

mon petite famille. First Christmas with my little one.

Let’s all be merry and bright!


Stay happy and positive.




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