Living abroad is never easy. One of the things you have to deal with is homesickness. There’s no right medication for this because even if you keep yourself busy, at the end of the day, you still feel like “I wish I’m home” moments. It leaves you that deep sigh moment… It drives you crazy, moody and irritated. You just can’t count the things that you miss from your home. Aside from your family and friends, you miss your dogs, your foods, your memories…and the lists goes on and on…How do I deal with my homesickness?

Here’s my temporary medication for being homesick.

Be positive. That next day, next week, or maybe next month you will go home and be reunited with your family and friends again. Explore the net, look for plane tickets. It keeps you busy and you will notice the excitement you’ll feel while looking for the tickets. You don’t need to book those plane tickets you just have to kill the homesickness inside you.

Entertain yourself. Get yourself busy by watching movies, funny movies will cure it not in the long run but you’ll get through by the minute.

Pamper yourself. You will feel good. Believe me. Parlor kind of day.

Shopping. Girl’s best friend. Just don’t go panic buying.

Out with friends. If you have circle of friends already, go out with them.
Warning: don’t eat a lot, you don’t want another depression because of your weight. Watch your food. 😉

Go exercise. You’ll not only forget about your homesickness because you’re concentrating too much plus you even loose those calories. 😉

and lastly, GET OVER with it call your love ones, cry it out loud after you’re back to normal and say out loud…..Ok, I live here now, but sooner I’ll get a vacation to see my family and friends back home.

Of course, HOPE is all we need! 🙂

Legazpi City, Albay Philippines. This is my hometown. (credits to tods armena for the photo)

I often miss home, but I’m always looking forward for a grand vacation. Maybe tomorrow! 😉 Who knows…..

Thank you.

à bientot


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