Bonjour à tous!

I gave birth in France, thrice, yes, you read it right! THRICE! I, myself cannot believe I have three babies in three years. How that happened? Anyway, you have maybe an idea how it is giving birth in France. Maybe I like it that I did it three times. For now, let’s concentrate on the food.

As we all know France is famous for food. Well, in my opinion, from someone who lived both in France and Italy, I would say no other country can top Italian cuisine. Japan, maybe, just maybe as I am Asian 😉

Ok, let’s go to the main topic. Giving birth thrice in France, I look forward for the food because they are very well planned and balanced aside from the fact that they don’t really taste how do I call it “hospital food”. As we all know “hospital food ” has different connotation in our mind, as gross as we think about it. Forgive me, if I am wrong or is it only me who think that way.

Here are the food they served me while waiting to give birth, right after giving birth and the days after.

I had already breakfast when I checked in so I had my lunch at the hospital. Here’s what they served me.

First day. Lunch. SAL CHOU BLANC (salted white cabbage) vegetable salad, SAUTE DE VEAU (sauteed veal) meat, MIJOTEE DE LEGUMES (simmered vegetables) as you can see from the photo mixed vegetables of carrots, broccoli, white french beans, PUREE (mashed potatoes), EDAM (cheese), ENTREMET AUX QUETSCHES (I don’t know how to translate but it’s like a creamy sweet egg yolks like a flan for dessert, and of course PETIT PAIN representing the French national bread BAGUETTE.

VERDICT: Trés trés bon. I loved it. Very very good!

I did not have the dinner on time as my water broke like 18:30 in the afternoon. So I need to go to the birthing room to wait for the baby to arrive.

After giving birth, I was telling my husband I can eat a whole cow already. I was very hungry and when I asked for food, they were good enough to asked me what I want. If I want whole meal like pasta or rice or any other or just snacks. Of course, I want full meal. So here’s what they gave me.

RICE (my request) Beef I don’t know exactly the sauce but it was delicious. The beef was so tender and goes well with the sauce. CELERY WALDORF as salad, apple banana compote for dessert, yogurt and of course baguette.

VERDICT: WELL DONE! BRAVO! Just what I needed after pushing a baby 😉

The next day, I look forward for the breakfast. They made me choose between coffee or hot chocolate. I am not a coffee lover so I chose hot chocolate.

BREAKFAST. Here it is.

Milk and the GYCAO chocolate. Seriously, once you pour the chocolate to the milk it is really delicious. I will look for this brand of cacao from now on. A piece of butter and marmalade.

VERDICT: Yummy, just what I needed to start recovery.


CELLERI WALDORF for salad, CARBONNADE DE BOEUF (beef carbonade), RIz CREOLE (rice), CANTAL AOC for cheese, PECHE SIROP for dessert (peach syrup) and petit pain (baguette).

VERDICT: So gooood that I almost forgot my pains he he


CONCOMBRE (cucumber as salad), ESC. HACHEE VEAU FINANCIER (veal hachee), PUREE (mashed potatoes), FROMAGE FONDU (cheese), KIWI for fruit and baguette for petit pain.

VERDICT: SO satisfying!

The next day. BREAKFAST. I asked for the same breakfast chocolat chaud. Hot chocolate and the bread, butter and marmalade as I love them so much.



SAL CAROTTE (carrot for salad and vegetable), MERLU DIEPPOISE ( I don’t know how to translate but as you can see it’s a fish probably merlu in white sauce 😉 ), EPINARD BRAISE (braise spinach), YAoURT NATURE BIO (yougurt nature organic), Orange fruit for dessert and baguette as petit  pain.


VERDICT: THe spinach and the fish are the bomb. Super yummy.



VERTE VGTE for salad (green vegetables for salad), TARTIFLETTE (I don’t know how to tenslate but as you can see it is like a gratin with ham or as they call it in France jambon with creamy sauce inside), PAVE FRAIS as cheese, LIEGEEOIS POMME-MANGO for dessert (sweet apple and mango cream), and PETIT PAIN in short baguette.

VERDICT: I wish they made the tartiflette in bigger serving portion. I want more.

NEXT DAY BREAKFAST. Again I asked for the same breakfast. Too yummy to change.


Of course my choice of rice ;), BOEUF BORDELAISE (beef in bordelaise sauce), FUSEAU LORRAINE (like salami lorraine version or french version), RIZ CREOLE, MUNSTER for cheese, POIRE for fruit and baguette as petit pain.

VERDICT: too delicious!!!

This is the last time that I will be in the hospital as we don’t want to be in the hospital right? Also the last baby I gave birth with. Nothing follows 😉

I have to say that with all three babies born in France the hospital food was excellent! Never ever fails!