Everytime I see photos of the movie “breakfast at tiffany’s” I am still drooling over Audrey Hepburn’s look. That is one simple yet over elegant and classy. One afternoon, I played to be like Audrey. Forgive me, I grab my black dress and tried myself to look like her lol. One day, I’ll hire a make up artist and let herdo exactly the way it is. 🙂 Bucket list… to look like Audrey Hepburn. I know that’s kinda weird haha..Moving on, I’d attended one opera night already here in France  but I don’t know yet what’s happening inside aside from the fact that they’ll be singing. I wish I wore something like this that night.

I bought this black dress in a thrift store in the Philippines that costs only less than 5€. Yes, less than 5€. 🙂 Just a little imagination it can look like it costs cher.

I added a red belt and shoes to add some colors. Just one accessory makes it more different.
Lacking. I should have put on more make up. I admit I don’t know how to put make up. I still have to learn many things. 🙂
I hope you like it. Leave me some comments below! Your thoughts and suggestions.
Have a great day my dear readers. Be safe and always look fab!


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