Namaste India. Thanks for reading my blogs.The first most inspiring and wonderful woman I know is my mother and then my sisters but aside from that there are other women that inspire me in fashion.
Being a woman is all about empowering another woman. And so I am giving credit to these women that I look up to in the world of fashion. We have our different styles but we are all beautiful in our way. I am a new blogger and I never thought I will meet more wonderful women around the world because of blogging. My blogger friends are my new inspirations as well. I like women who take care of their body. I am so inspired by my new found friends in the blogging world especially the mommy bloggers who at first glance I thought were single then later on I discovered they are already a mother. How inspiring right?I am always in awe to these wonderful women.

VICTORIA BECKHAM. I’m always a fan. I like her from how she dress, how she glow and dream. She never stop dreaming and now she run her own clothing and shoe line. The best about her is how she keep her family and married life.

OLIVIA PALERMO. This socialite is so simple and down to earth. I’m a regular reader and follower of her blogs I really like her wedding where she kept it simple yet super classy.

KIERA KNIGHTLEY. I started to like her because of her character in Grey’s Anatomy and from that I started to follow her and her fashions. I am not wrong at all. During her wedding she wore a channel dress that she already wore. A woman should be confident and creative and that’s her.

THE DUCHESS. Who would say no to KATE MIDDLETON. Sometimes I think that because she has everything but then again she keep it simple despite the fact that she belong to the royal family. I like her style because she can wear from ZARA to STELLA McCartney. Simple yet gorgeous.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE. Of course! I always look forward for her gown during awards night. She is absolutely stunning whatever she’s wearing. I really like this DIOR gown of her. I want to wear this too. (in my dreams) 🙂

AMAL ALAMUDDIN. Lately, I’ve been stalking her. I feel like Oh! I feel like we are on the same path as I am a graduate of law too but in my case I don’t wanna be married to George Clooney lol. She is very smart and has a great fashion sense. No wonder she got married to the most eligible bachelor in hollywood. 🙂

all photos used is from google

I always feel like I look like them lol. I am always inspired by these wonderful women. Let’s celebrate after all we are all beautiful because we are a woman. 🙂

Cheers ladies!

Who’s your fashion inspiration.

a demain.



  1. Hello beautiful and smart Analyn! I totally agree with you, we women need to empower each other without the fear of being left behind. I believe that what you which and do for others, you do and bring to yourself so empowering others is empowering ourselves. Looking up to others for inspiration is a blessing. We get to learn from others and set goals based on their examples. I, like you, am very thankful for all the wonderful people I have met through blogging and you are one of them. Not only are you beautiful and smart but you also have a huge heart. Regarding fashion role models, I like you, look up to Victoria Beckham and now, Amal. They are both smart and I really love their sense of style. Thanks for sharing this wonderuful post. I subscribed to your email so I know when you post. Hope all is well with you and look forward to your next post! XOXO, Jeannette

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