What’s on my mind? All about Christmas. How to have a happy Christmas. Good morning beautiful friends.

I was feeling nostalgic when I searched the song “12 days of Christmas” and played it via youtube. Philippines has the longest Christmas ever. It usually starts on the first day of September and everyone starts putting Christmas mood and decors. Yes I know we also celebrate Halloween but Christmas is something that everyone is excited about. Christmas is for children but it is us adults that make it happy and memorable for them. So I wanted to remember my days of Christmas this 2015 since this is gonna be extra special just like the 12 days of Christmas song.

On the first day of Christmas my husband went to Paris for the Climate Change Summit and I’m happy for him in his career.

I spent the day with my little one cuddle and play and in the afternoon we took Lilly out and bought a cake. My little one turned 7 weeks old on the first day of Christmas. Such a happy day.

Christmas cake at French Patisserie

Christmas cake at French Patisserie

I cooked potato with olives and tomatoes for dinner and my husband is happy to finish it all. When he’s happy, I’m happy too. 🙂

Today is the second day of Christmas. See in my next post.

Have a merry and bright day ahead. Enjoy the season.




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