On the second day of Christmas the day was quiet nice. The sun shine and I wanted to go out but my little one is keeping me pre-occupied that he wanted to be with me and doesn’t want to be put down. It always melts my heart if I go against his will so I just stayed at home and be with him. One good thing I managed to write a blog in between.

In the afternoon, my husband went for a run with Lilly and I cooked one of my favorite pasta Cime de rapa for dinner.

Before the night wrap it reminded me again of some thoughts that I wanted so bad to go back to my job. The job I love to do. Yes, I have done teaching but my heart is not into it. Makes me think that when you force something that your heart does not desire you will end up unsuccessful, sad, angry and disappointed. No matter how hard you try if it is not your hearts desire you will never be successful.

Back to happy thoughts, at the moment, I am happy to be a new mum and loves the full time job of taking care of my little one. He is just so adorable and irressistible that I can’t think of the day I am not with him. His smile makes my day no matter how tired I am. I still cry watching him sleep. Oh dear little one, you have my heart. I love you.

Have a merry and bright day.




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