When the summer is gone? Unlike last year, summer this year is too short. We are now experiencing autumn weather. Even the trees aren’t ready for fall still. The leaves are very much attached and it doesn’t change colours yet. Undeniably we are on pre-mature fall weather. Sometimes there will be sun sometimes just cold and fog and rain. Oh luckily today is sunny.

Last weekend, we thought that we need to do our last leg of summer since the weather is not very friendly anymore for beach activities. We decided to visit German state Saarbucken.

Due to pre-mature fall weather. I decided to combine summer and fall in one outfit. I used my ever reliable white jupe and short in one from PIMKIE. Summer is all about white. My top is from H&M a natural black and white combination and a Tommy Hilfiger wedge that my husband gave me. I am carrying a jacket from CA that I can easily put when the cold weather strikes. That’s how easy it can be with the crazy weather.

Nothing go wrong with black and white combination

At the Saarbucken municipal hall where I’m wearing an almost fall outfit.

When the cold strikes, I put on my gray jacket I carried with me, but when the sun come I easily removed it and stay with my black and white combination.
As much as I wanted summer to stay fall is coming anytime soon so, better be ready.

Is it a yey or nay?

Have a great weekend my readers!



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