Random thoughts on a friday

I’m sorry, I haven’t been blogging lately as I am very much pre-occupied with my summer class in law. It’s ENGLISH COMMON LAW. It’s very interesting and I got my mind moving again with the law language 🙂 I really like law because it’s very challenging. I’m learning a lot since I really want to get to know more of the European legal system. Now, I realized that there’s more of the European Union legalities to exlplore. Aside from my summer class, I’ve been pondering on random things. Maybe, I’m getting old. Hopefully, I’m aging gracefully.Here are my random thoughts lately….

Typhoon. My country particularly my province was hit by the wrath of forceful typhoon last wednesday. I prayed that my families, friends and all the people be spared. Reading news after the typhoon how strong it went is devastating but the hope people is showing is admirable. I admire the resiliency people are showing. But please, we don’t need another typhoon to be called resilient. Living in another country makes me realized how resilient we are back in the Philippines. We always find solutions to problems and we carry a smile in our face no matter how serious the situation. Yes, we keep it cool! 🙂

MH370. I’ve been following the disappearance of MH370 flight as it remains a mystery. I have my own positive ideas about it. That all of them are still alive. Yes, if only I have powers to do so. I’m waiting for the day concrete evidence will unfold for the mysterious disappearance of the plane. I am scared of flying and this scares me more. Why I flew very far if I’m scared? The reason is LOVE. Yes, love can move mountains and bounderies and can let you fly the farthest to find that one true love in your life…
MH17. Yesterday, after we got back from swimming, another appalling plane news unravel. Was it accidental or an act of terrorism? That I don’t know as they are still investigating. My prayers and thoughts for the lives that was taken. I’m sure most of them is full of dreams.

Wars. Insurgencies. With the current chaos in Ukraine, Israel and Palestine I just wish this will end soon. The world needs more love and peace. Whether they are fighting for their territories, pride and freedom. The world needs just peace and love. Negotiate and talk. I just wish the children are spared. Looking at the photos makes my heart bleed. Rampant human rights violations. Bombs everywhere. Oh no! Can we just sit down, keep calm have a coffee and talk? Yes, reality shows, it’s  not as simple as that. I’m still hoping one day, that one day, we wake up to a wonderful world where everyone, whatever race you are is giving love. We should give more love to receive more.

Give love and it will return a hundred fold.

Today, I’m happy and blessed because I’m doing well in my summer class! and it’s friday! Happy weekend folks!

Bon weekend!


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