Hello beautiful people! It’s been a while again. I hope you are all doing great. I have been pre-occupied lately and there are more important reasons why I seldom write a blog lately. I missed blogging a lot and I missed you all. That’s why I’m back.

It’s spring time!!! The weather I always look forward to. You know I only love winter one day or two then I patiently wait for spring. Winter really makes me sad. On the positive note, come to think of it, no matter how long the winter stays, there is always spring in the end. I remember the saying “Behind the clouds, the sun still shine”.

And what’s my new beginnings for spring 2015? First, I have very important beginning to reveal soon. For now, let me hold it for a little suspense but I assure you it is a wonderful blessing. I would share my happiness to all of you the soonest possible.

Aside from my surprise, my other new beginning is my new class that I am teaching. It is an English class for beginners and guess what my students are all professionals. I am very careful about it. Can you imagine I have four accountant students, a banker, a social worker and other professions. It is my pleasure though to teach them English.

The other beginning is my Teaching Knowledge Test at the Cambridge University in UK. I’m earning my certificate as a Certified English Teacher in Europe. The course is very challenging. The classroom situations is really very knowledgeable on how to handle different kinds of students.

Let’s be positive and enjoy the beauty of spring. The flowers are blooming just like each and everyone of us bloom in our own way. Have a great weekend folks!


Colorful_spring_garden photo credit from google


Happy weekend friends and enjoy the beauty of Spring. 🙂 Until next time.





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