Stealthy Invites

It’s your big day! Sure, you don’t want someone stranger witnessing it and then after like 20 years you are reviewing your photos, it’s still a mystery to you and your husband who are these people on our wedding day. I am no celebrity but I really wanted a very private wedding with only few guests in a small church.I knew you have read a lot already about weddings and how to make it private. These are my reasons of wanting a small wedding with only family and friends that you can call a family already.

How do you start with your wedding invites. First, send them your save the date. I must say that it’s much better to do personalized save the dates. It’s more cheaper and  fun. I would suggest to send it via snail mail for those who are very far but since e-mail and social media is fast and easy these days there’s no harm doing it. I’ve sent my own craft of save the date through e-mails and facebook with special note saying please don’t tell anyone about this. This is only for you. If you are really close to your friend, you won’t hesitate telling him/her about this little note. 🙂 And of course since you are very close to this friend, she/he can be trusted about your little secret to be revealed on the wedding day.

my own craft of our save the date

Next, the proper wedding invites. If you are skillfull and born artist you can do it by yourself. In Europe, they practice the personalized wedding invites made by either one or both of the couple. My amore made our Italian wedding invites and I helped him writing the names of the guests in the envelopes. It’s written in Italian language and formatted the way Italians do it. The simplest, the best.

the front page of our Italian invites
Inside the invite

For our Philippine wedding invites, I can’t do it personal. I’m bad with arts. I’m lucky to have my friend whose into these kind of business to do it for me. I entrusted it to Party Picks owned by my very good friend Richard and Sheila Moraleda. With close friends you can do it more personal the way you wanted. You can tell them everything you want. I just have to follow the Philippine pattern of the invites with a little changes on colors and designs and then viola! I have it. They also did my misalette for the wedding.

don’t forget this small card for the RSVP
two invites for tw weddings

It’s not bad at all keeping your wedding invites secret after all it’s your big day! You are entitled to choose your guests and of course you don’t want your wedding to be ruined by nosy people who come to find negative things.

I wonder what will be my third wedding invites look like?

Party Picks is your one stop party needs! located at Sorsogon City, Philippines.

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