So you are a FILIPINO? You can sing well!!!Your throats are made for singing and belting those high notes! One of the comments I usually get when someone learned that I am a Filipino. To my dismay, I am an exception to that general rule because my friends can tell how bad I am in singing. lol I believe that saying though. I’ve seen a lot of filipino great singers. Why not? One of the ways Flipinos bond is through singing. No occassion will ever be complete and more fun without videoke, karaoke whatever you call it. There will always be a singing engagement. Would you believe even in wake, some people still sing to keep the mood light.

To date, Filipino singers are all over, they are all over the world. Recently, I’ve watched some video clips of Filipinos all over the world for auditions in the THE VOICE, X- FACTOR, AMERICAN IDOL etc. I really feel that having a good voice for singing is indeed ordinary for FILIPINOS. But wait! What happened to me? Why I can’t sing like them I am a Filipino as well. Don’t worry even if I can’t sing well I still have space during singing occassions. Sad to say, I belong to the minority haha. I want to share to you some video clips of Filipino’s auditioning in singing contest all over the world and those just singing for their love of singing.

If you happen to be a foreigner visiting the Philippines and the locals invited you (which usually happen) for some bottles of beer for singing in a karaoke or videoke or just around the neighborhood just go for it. It will be a blast! 🙂 absolutely!

Credits to youtube for videos.
These are my favorite search for now. They are a lot! I’ll write about them next time.

It’s Friday! Have a great weekend my readers all over the world. Kisses and be safe always!

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