Mabuhay! Hello! Ciao! Bonjour! :)My amore and I planned to have our Holiday in Spain but since we lack time because we are moving to France by the end of August we rushed days before the weekend running for my documents at the Philippine Embassy in Rome and ended up enjoying the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy.

I would like to share my favorite places and my outfits UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN.

We booked at this super beautiful bed and breakfast, CASA LUCIA. Our first rule in finding bed and breakfast is if they allow dogs since we have our little lilly (our dog). Thanks to italy for being a dog friendly country. No problem at all, though some extra posh and luxury places does not allow dogs.

the front view of Casa Lucia
a room with a view. Isn’t it fascinating?
the outside view is already captivating. I feel so relax and homey. I feel like a superstar in a romantic movie 🙂

Inside is as beautiful as outside. I love the room the balcony, the sala the garden and everything. Friendly staffs and oh they serve a bountiful buffet for breakfast. I forgot to take photos of the breakfast buffet.

Our first stop is the City of Siena. The City of Siena is a world heritage site being declared by UNESCO and one of the Italy’s most visited tourist attraction. Thanks to wiki for providing me the details. I was amazed by the landmark places especially the exquisite cathedral, the dazzling lights at night and of course the Tuscan stallions 🙂

summer is for flowers. wearing a floral sleeveless dress with red belt from Jennyfer while enjoying the City of Siena at night in Tuscany.
Next day, we are off to San Gimignano. What a lovely sight on the road. I thought that we would meet mickey mouse or winnie the pooh or even tom and jerry doing picnic on the road or under the trees as it is very calm and magical just like in cartoon series.

Tuscan road with the typical Tuscan trees. Isn’t it marvelous?
San Gimignano is a small medieval hill town. It is Town of Fine Towers, San Gimignano is famous for its medieval architecture, unique in the preservation of about a dozen of its tower houses, which, with its hilltop setting and encircling walls form “an unforgettable skyline”.Within the walls, the well-preserved buildings include notable examples of both Romanesque and Gothic architecture, with outstanding examples of secular buildings as well as churches. The Palazzo Comunale, the Collegiate Church and Church of Sant’ Agostino contain frescos, including cycles dating from the 14th and 15th centuries.The “Historic Centre of San Gimignano”, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The town also is known for the white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, produced from the ancient variety of Vernaccia grape which is grown on the sandstone hillsides of the area. (credit to wiki for the information)
wearing floral summer tube dress from Terranova at San Gimignano, Tuscany

We ate lunch outside the City of Siena, since, my Italian stallion does not like the commercial restaurants for tourists. He always opt to restaurants where locals go because it’s more authentic and delicious.  Oh yes, he is right. We enjoyed roaming around and be mesmerized by the Gothic architecture during the medieval time.

In the late afternoon, we head to Pisa where the famous Leaning tower of Pisa is. I felt magnetized by the tower. It was so captivating. We walk, took photos, eat bananas haha and just sat down and admire the beauty of the tower. It was also fun watching the other tourists around what they are doing for the sake  of a souvenir photo. 🙂

here I am with lilly, our little dog can’t even hide her love for the place.

We ate pizza at a nearby pizzeria for dinner and head back at our beloved bed and breakfast home.

Next day, is another dream place for me, Florence. Florence (Firenze in Italian) is a major historical city in Italy, distinguished as one of the most outstanding economic, cultural, political and artistic centres in the peninsula from the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance. (credit to wiki for the info)

Mi amore’s mother is from Florence, so we visit her first in the cemetery. Then, we walked through one of the most famous and most visited city in the world. I felt like hanging in the clouds. It was very light through we are literally UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. We went to Ponte Vecchio, a very historical river.

at Ponte Vecchio. A very historical river where Hitler ordered not to be blown up for the reason that it is very beautiful.
at Michaelangelo’s palace.
Sta. Maria Church in Florence, Italy
splendid Florence Basilica.
Michaelangelo’s museum in Florence

The roads, the churches, the foods, the sunflower garden, the music, the cheese and wines and many others. You will love everything about Tuscany. If you are a fan of country living, peaceful, calm and tranquility, Tuscany is for you. Hence, if you love fashion and jewelries you will never go wrong shopping in the main cities of Tuscany like Florence. The streets are full jewelries as it is famous for Italian gold and silver and who will contest Italy when it come to fashion. Truly, a must visit place and as I am telling my husband, can we live in Tuscany? I got at least a good reply, we can always come back. Until our next visit Tuscany. And as we visited it summer we are literally UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN. 🙂

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