UNIVERSITY of LONDON: English common law structures and principles

Where will learning take you? I was born to be a student? I hope not. I’m blessed being married to a very smart but very humble man. He loves education so much and he encourages me to take more and more courses to gather more knowledge. My husband graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE from his universities up to his Phd degree. He co – authored two economics books which has been published already. (proud wife lol) He encourages me to pursue my law degree in France. I felt that it is not necessary since I don’t speak the language. Indeed, I was refused by French university because I should be fluent with french first. Law is already difficult, how much more if you don’t speak the language, right? I speak few french but still not fluent for law school and eventually for the French bar exam. My husband is continuously in pursuit of my happiness. Hmmm… law again!!!! not fun right? But when my amore said, is it ok for you to take courses in English law through British university? I immediately said YES! Finally, lectures in English. I filled up an application online and after evaluation here I come for this new learning English common law structures and principles. This is just a short course for two months. I’m excited! On the other hand, I’m also studying copyright  laws online. I love learning and discovering things. We already paid and am I ready? Yes, I am ready for a different european summer. Learning! Back to school for summer. School again and again.

In LONDON streets

Until next time… I’ll update you what I’ve learned and what interests me.

Thank you!

Au revoir

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