Hello beautiful people of the world! I hope you are all having a great day especially this Valentine’s day. Saint Valentine reminds us about love not only the courtly love but the kind of love everyone deserves and I want to share my life changing Valentine’s day two years ago.

It was a rainy winter, Valentine’s day of 2013 in Ancona, Italy (a city in the marche region central Italy) when I made the decision of getting married. I had my not so secret Italian wedding. 🙂 Feeling so hollywood right?! Yes, just the sound of Italian wedding. Mind you, it is a very simple celebration of love because we are planning another wedding in the Philippines that’s why we opted to kept it secret from our friends so that they will be there on our church wedding. It was magical and romantic. Just me and my husband, our solemnizing officer and our two witnesses.  After the ceremony we had lunch at my favorite restaurant along the port. The fact that I’m having an Italian wedding is the best of all. 🙂

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