Oh HELLO JULY! ah! Mid July!

Hi beautiful friends it’s been a while again. I am so sorry for not updating lately. I always thought of writing and then there will always be something that I need to do. I wish you are all good and enjoying the summer soleil. 🙂

Because I’m a busy bee lately especially at the end of June and first week of July, it is only now that I figured out that it is already mid July. We already passed half of the year 2015 and I’m reflecting on where my 6 months of 2015 went. As I try to think about it, I feel happy and excited. I am a little bit fulfilled for the half year that passed. Here’s my random activities as I reflect on it.

By January my birth month, it was a cold winter and my husband took me to ski. First time to experienced it but it’s all worth it. I stumbled and fall and struggled most of the time but I managed to do it. I also took the opportunity becoming an animateur of English for teens at the “Cupe de Puce” of our ville.

February is our Italian wedding anniversary. As you have read in my previous blog. We got married first in Italy on Valentines day. 🙂 We dine out and reflect of the happy moments for the two years that we are together as we build a family and Oh! it is also this month that we learned about the big news. 🙂

By March, I enrolled at the Cambridge University teaching Knowledge Test. A certificate for teaching straight from the Cambridge University. It is very interesting. I learned a lot of things.

April is our Philippine wedding anniversary. A year full of love and blessings. I have to admit I made a mess on this day. This is also the month I started teaching English at the Social Culturel of Saint Max and Maxeville. I started to love my students.

May was busy month. Doing my TKT CAmbridge University seminar and at the same time teaching my students.

June was busy as I am finishing my teaching schedule and at the same time preparing for the final exam for the Cambridge TKT.

July finally, I am free and we travelled to Italy for some break and enjoy the rest of the summer.

By August I can’t wait for our Saint Tropez, Cote de Azur and Monaco adventure. I’m so looking forward for it as I’ve never been out for quiet sometime.

I know there will be more blessings and good things to come for the rest of the 2015 and I continue to pray and I’m so ready for the big blessings coming.

I am happy to reflect my half year has been productive one.

Here's a happy me enjoying the start of summer in France.

Here’s a happy me enjoying the start of summer in France.

I wish you all the same. More blessings and happy days.

Carpe Diem!