Hello beautiful people! It’s Friday and I hope everyone is having a great time for the Halloween.

Everyday I pray for my biggest wish which is good health for me, my husband, my family and friends and that we will have healthy babies soon… 🙂

But aside from that being a woman makes me wish some little things. I always browse little things in a woman’s mind like bags, shoes, jewelries, clothes etc. A woman has never ending small wishes. But lately my mind is pre-occupied by these two. I wish to have them.

TRICK OT TREAT. I hope to get treat with these wishes of mine. 🙂

First, is this very elegant charriol bangle. Isn’t it so lovely? I am so inlove with this and I really wanted to have one. Plus it has a ring similar to it. Not too expensive and very fashionable. And you can find all the details from their website I put the link below. I am not really fond of jewelries but I just love this one.


Oh! Charriol, I am dreaming of you.

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