On the sixth day of Christmas we had an impromtu rendezvous. The weather is very nice the sun is out and it is very inviting to go outside. We went to the Vosges and visited a house and went more adventurous and drove through the wilderness. The smell of the tress were refreshing. Ah! in touch with nature but still I don’t consider living in a place like that. A visit to the forest or nature every weekend is fun. We ate in a restaurant we found in a village we passed by but the food is not that good. We passed by also my favorite lake Pierre Percee.

Have a merry and bright Christmas!






Hello world and beautiful people! I’m coping up with my Christmas posts. I hope everyone is enjoying the winter and the best time of the year.

On the fourth day of Christmas me and my little one stayed at home and do the usual things while my husband went to work. My mind was in a debate whether going out in the afternoon for a little shopping or not since the weather is not cooperating well for my little one. I ended up cuddling and smeeling my baby at home.

The best thing is it’s friday and weekend is here we spent it as a family.


Have a bright and merry day.




On the third day of Christmas a nice morning greeted us. The weather is not so gloomy and Mr. Sun come. Today is my sisters birthday. I called her and spoke to my mother and my sister to greet her happy birthday. I miss home. I miss my family back in the Philippines. I can’t wait for my own homecoming and be with them again together with my son.

I got stressed this day and everything went well in the end.


Have a bright and merry day.





On the second day of Christmas the day was quiet nice. The sun shine and I wanted to go out but my little one is keeping me pre-occupied that he wanted to be with me and doesn’t want to be put down. It always melts my heart if I go against his will so I just stayed at home and be with him. One good thing I managed to write a blog in between.

In the afternoon, my husband went for a run with Lilly and I cooked one of my favorite pasta Cime de rapa for dinner.

Before the night wrap it reminded me again of some thoughts that I wanted so bad to go back to my job. The job I love to do. Yes, I have done teaching but my heart is not into it. Makes me think that when you force something that your heart does not desire you will end up unsuccessful, sad, angry and disappointed. No matter how hard you try if it is not your hearts desire you will never be successful.

Back to happy thoughts, at the moment, I am happy to be a new mum and loves the full time job of taking care of my little one. He is just so adorable and irressistible that I can’t think of the day I am not with him. His smile makes my day no matter how tired I am. I still cry watching him sleep. Oh dear little one, you have my heart. I love you.

Have a merry and bright day.





What’s on my mind? All about Christmas. How to have a happy Christmas. Good morning beautiful friends.

I was feeling nostalgic when I searched the song “12 days of Christmas” and played it via youtube. Philippines has the longest Christmas ever. It usually starts on the first day of September and everyone starts putting Christmas mood and decors. Yes I know we also celebrate Halloween but Christmas is something that everyone is excited about. Christmas is for children but it is us adults that make it happy and memorable for them. So I wanted to remember my days of Christmas this 2015 since this is gonna be extra special just like the 12 days of Christmas song.

On the first day of Christmas my husband went to Paris for the Climate Change Summit and I’m happy for him in his career.

I spent the day with my little one cuddle and play and in the afternoon we took Lilly out and bought a cake. My little one turned 7 weeks old on the first day of Christmas. Such a happy day.

Christmas cake at French Patisserie

Christmas cake at French Patisserie

I cooked potato with olives and tomatoes for dinner and my husband is happy to finish it all. When he’s happy, I’m happy too. πŸ™‚

Today is the second day of Christmas. See in my next post.

Have a merry and bright day ahead. Enjoy the season.





It’s one of my favorite time of the year! Hello beautiful people. Time flies huh! Officially, it’s 24 days before Christmas all over the world. I hope you are all keeping warm with the winter.

I love Christmas. I have vivid memories of Christmas since I was a child back in the Philippines. Now, I have my own family and all I want is happy memories for my family especially for my little one. I still cry everytime I see him very innocent sleeping. I just pray I can give him all he wanted and make him happy. Ah! my little one became my world. I think about him all the time. I know I should balance everything because I have a husband and myself to take care of. I want every moment to be memorable for my baby. I want to document every memories we make.

Living away from home means spending Christmas away from my family the home I grew up with (Philippines) makes me sad. I will miss the craziness we have. The laughter we share that seems there’s no tomorrow. The throwing of jokes, the catching up. The acceptance that no matter what you look, what you wear, no matter what they say you are loved and welcome. You are free to do whatever you want. I guess I miss my family back home that much. I’m looking forward of making memories with them again soon when my little one will understand the concept of Christmas so he will have memories of Christmas in the Philippines. For now, I am happy to be blessed and celebrate Christmas with my own family in France. Our first Christmas in France since we decided not to go home in Italy.

mon petite famille. first Christmas with my little one

mon petite famille. First Christmas with my little one.

Let’s all be merry and bright!


Stay happy and positive.





Hello friends and hello world!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful autumn.

Well, as for me, everything is new this fall. In my previous posts, I mentioned that I will give birth this fall and I did. So much of my birthing story and experience I wanted to share it to all of you if I find time again.

Motherhood is a wonderful experience. It has been three weeks after I gave birth to my wonderful son. Motherhood or shall I say parenthood is all new for us. Well, at least we are not speaking of our dog here we are speaking about our son. I am discovering a lot of things. There’s joy, hardwork but definitely there’s full of love in it. I can’t really put into words what I’m feeling right now. The safety and protection you want for your son and everything that come in between. πŸ™‚ Ah! Now I understand the life of a new mother is really amazing. Everything is new. You don’t know your limits until you become a mother. You don’t think of yourself all you think about is your son, a truly selfless act. I don’t care being stuck at home 24/7 as long as I am with my son. I don’t care smelling of spilled milk all day. I don’t care wearing pajama all day. I don’t care of my body aches because of breastfeeding. I don’t care not eating on time. I only care for my little one to be happy and healthy. As long as he’s happy and ok, I will be happy and Ok too.

Life’s change as new parents. That’s true. You always have to consider your little one before making a decision. Little things become big because a little human is dependent on you and it’s your responsibility as parents. But believe me it is an amazing journey. There are times that you can’t help but cry because you don’t know what to do but in between of those hardships is all about love. πŸ™‚

I am still in awe of my happiness and looking forward for the days to come as I discover more about Motherhood.

Here's our first family picture together with our dog lilly

Here’s our first family picture together with our dog lilly


First autumn for my little one. He’s two weeks old and we went to the hills of Saint Max ville.

What’s new to you this fall?

Time flies. Every season is different, enjoy it.





Hello beautiful world! Hello friends!

I found this book on sale last Sunday and I was thrilled when I saw it. In a few days, I will be embracing the gift of motherhood. I am so excited about it that if I can only pull the days I already did.

I am a first time mom and I really have don’t have idea about it except the things based from my current research and readings. I know it is different when you’re there but I also know it is wonderful and all worth it. I’m starting to understand the sacrifices and the love of the mother already. Mothers really have an unselfish heart. They are willing to do everything for their baby’s sake. No mother would ever harm their baby. I get emotional already as I type. πŸ˜‰ I know for sure I will make mistakes and discover learnings about the joy of motherhood as I progress. I just wish no one will interfere with my motherhood. I will screw them up. To each his own. Each of us has different style and babies aren’t similar. Each person is a unique individual and babies too have different characteristics. What works for you doesn’t mean it will work for me and my baby. We are all unique and no one is perfect especially about parenting. It is all about trial and error and if a mother could avoid it, she will definitely do.

I wish to enjoy this book before my little one arrive. I wish also to share my happiness here soon.

Embracing the gift of motherhood

Embracing the gift of motherhood


I hope everyone is having a happy and postive day. It’s sunny here in France and the leaves are already changing its colors to autumn. Hello fall! πŸ™‚





Hello friends and hello world! I have been away for sometime again but this time I have some very good news. I hope all of you are doing great especially autumn is coming. πŸ™‚

It’s not so secret anymore to my family, close friends and my followers that I am pregnant. YES! JE SUIS ENCEINTE (I am pregnant)! I wanted to keep it for ourselves first (carpe diem) that’s why I did not mention anything about it except after the first trimester I started posting some hints about what’s going on with me.

It was in the cold winter of February when we learned that I am expecting. My husband noticed that I am already delayed for few days but I shrugged off the idea because I don’t want to be disappointed if the test turned out to be negative and besides I felt like I was delayed because I was doing all the physical exercises to keep me fit and healthy. My husband brought me to ski (my first time) and as expected all I did was roll down the ski mountains stumble and fall. I enrolled in zumba class and I pushed myself to ran like 14 km. Really! I am not expecting that I will be pregnant with all the activities I was doing.

My road to pregnancy isn’t a peice of cake. The mood swings, the pregnancy hormones that try to haunt your weird imaginations and oh! those never ending weird dreaming marathon arrrgghh plus you have to deal with the physical changes your body is undergoing.

I had a rough road to my first trimester. I had so much of the morning sickness. I ate then puked it all the way. It was not easy. There were times that I felt like I’m gonna puke including my intestines and oh my morning sickness strikes not only in the morning but anytime of the day. I felt so weak and just wanted to lay down in bed for my first trimester. I don’t feel doing anything even if I tried to and it adds up the weather. It was the peak of the winter during my first trimester. So much laziness. I have to commend my husband for being so patient with me. For dealing with my not so good self during those days and up to now. He really did a great job with all the support he is giving me. Thank you husband. You are the best! Continue reading