Hello fab friends!

My first time to embrace this French tradition of La gallette de rois. It is the French three kings tradition, Epiphany that is celebrated every 6th of January. During this period in France, all the patisserie sell this cake called La gallette de rois. It is delicious I have to say. Inside the cake is a treasure of something gold or silver or bronze  and if you happen to get it you’ll be wearing the crown. If you buy the cake a crown is included. It is definitely a fun activity after Christmas. And if you are in France what a sight to behold,  you’ll see some kids coming back from school wearing crowns and oh some random people too not just kids. Now, I don’t have to wonder what’s the crown for? A nice tradition! 🙂


Not because it’s my birthday I can have the crown :). I earned it and the treasure just went to me and so I deserve the crown.  Happy epiphany peeps. 🙂





10th of January was my birthday and I wanted my birthday outfit to be one that never go out of style. You know I already stop counting my age after it went out of the calendar I always say Forever26 lol 🙂 because I don’t look forever21 anymore (I love the brand though #forever21).

I love denim to bits! I know everyone of us have this love for denims! Because it doesn’t go out of style and you can style it according to your mood with just a blink of an eye. I must say that it is an emergency outfit. If you are caught of nothing to wear, you can be as stylish as you are with denims. How can you not love thee?

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Top is from MIM, Skirt is from PIMKIE and bag is from CAMAIE. I hope you are all having a great week. 🙂

Smile and stay fab!





  1. Jeannette says:

    Hello Annie! I celebrate three kings day too. The day brings me so many wonderful memories from growing up in Puerto Rico. Happy belated birthday to you and I hope you had a wonderful day with your better half. And yes! I love denim too very much. It is the best piece of clothing that was ever invented:-) And you look beautiful in that outfit. The red bag and shoes are TDF! XOXO, Jeannette

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