Hello beautiful peeps! I missed you all my friends. I mentioned in my last blog that I am pre-occupied lately with some things that I will of course share to all of you.

Weather is becoming good everyday and I’m savoring the spring smell of flowers and of course the ray of the sun. Oh, how I missed going outside. If you’ve noticed most winter days I seldom go out. Cold weather is my enemy. Yes, I am a tropic girl so that’s not really surprising.

I shall not forget, of course despite my busy teaching schedule I still managed to squeeze some time for shopping. Fashion will always be my first love. As I searched for some particular items I can’t get off my eyes to denims. I love denims and I can wear it everyday from skirt to tops and the classic denim jeans. The style that never fade, Denims!

I saw this overall at Jenifer and I can’t let go of it. This pair is just lovely isn’t it? I hope I gave justice to this outfit. This is summer perfect outfit easy and cool. I paired it with a refreshing white top from Pimkie and the shoes from Jenifer. You can even match this with cropped top tees or tank tops for cool summer outfit. Just perfect!

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Hello fab friends!

My first time to embrace this French tradition of La gallette de rois. It is the French three kings tradition, Epiphany that is celebrated every 6th of January. During this period in France, all the patisserie sell this cake called La gallette de rois. It is delicious I have to say. Inside the cake is a treasure of something gold or silver or bronze  and if you happen to get it you’ll be wearing the crown. If you buy the cake a crown is included. It is definitely a fun activity after Christmas. And if you are in France what a sight to behold,  you’ll see some kids coming back from school wearing crowns and oh some random people too not just kids. Now, I don’t have to wonder what’s the crown for? A nice tradition! 🙂

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HELLO BOZNIA and HERZEGOVINA! Thank you for following my blogs. :)Not so good today. Our little dog lilly is sick. We already brought her to the Vet and still she is not feeling well. I hope she get better in the following days.

I’m wearing something formal today but wait until I take off my blazer :). Formal and flirty. To sheild myself from cold and of course I want to be comfortable at the same time.

My coat is from Debenhams a gift from my sister and my skirt is from PIMKIE. My black tank top is from H&M which you already saw in my previous blogs. Yes, black and white can be stylish of different occassions.
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Hello some followers from Ireland! Thank you for following my blogs.Hello planet earth! It’s Monday and another good day. I want to start the week with a happy heart and a happy outfit that’s why I chose to wear a happy looking orange skirt. Attracting good vibes. Colors makes us happy so try and never fear wearing colors.

My skirt is from PIMKIE and my top is from DKNY. My shoes is one of my current favorite. The beauty of white is you can pair it with anything. 🙂
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HOLA! Gracias Espana for following my blogs.

Oh how I love Saturday… Doing my running and just relaxing.
I put so French title for this because I’m sporting the three colors of France. Blue, Red and White. Actually, it is also the dominant color of the Philippine flag.

I got my top from TOMMY HILFIGER, shorts from PIMKIE and my red shoes from the Philippines. I love the colorful dots of my top. SOOO French… and I love wearing it in France.
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Hello to my followers from Bulgaria! Thank you for following my blogs.

Before we say goodbye to weekend, we visited MUSEUMOTEL despite the hard rain. Since I am the one very interested to see the place when we saw it on national news, I drove myself to the place. It was beautiful and unique modern architectural designs. The place was really nice and tranquil. It can cater to couples and families. I think I need to make a separate bog about it.

It was raining so I wore something for the rain. Covering myself from rain and cold, I used boots and black leggings with the black and white skirt from PIMKIE. My white long sleeves shirt from CA with my blue scarf that I bought in Italy.
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And so we’re back from outer space….oops! we’re back wearing jeans but since fall is giving us a good weather we love to combine summer and fall together. For the cold wind that strikes once in a while the best thing to wear are ripped jeans. It gives us more girl charm as long as you keep it clean and cool. Keep it clean because not all ripped jeans are pleasing in the eyes. You don’t wanna look like a drug pusher or a beggar right? Of course, you can wear ripped jeans according to occassion and people. You can wear it and look professional still.Ripped boyfriend jeans is always a yes! Always wear it with elegance. Jeans is from ZARA for a very reasonable price of 12€. Blouse is from PIMKIE. My white shoes is one of my favorite from ANN CHRISTINE.
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