ALTER no cuts

It’s summer time in Europe! Move over boots, thick jackets, trench coats, scarfs, etc. Finally, my favourite time of the year arrived. I love summer for so many reasons and of course the fashionable clothes, bikinis, flip flops, dresses, without thinking if it will cover you from cold.Yes! Maxi dresses are in for the summer. It looks oh so sexy and classy! It brings elegance to every woman wearing it.

I recently bought a maxi dress from H&M. I bought it even it’s too long for me because it looks strikingly beautiful. The challenge for me is to alter it without cutting because I don’t want to ruin the edges. So my quick witted mind in fashion strikes again.

too long maxi dress

Here’s what I did…

sew it
make a knot
it will appear like this at the back when you are finished

It depends on how you go further for altering. As for me, I want to it to be more stylish without changing the original design.

Now long dress problem solved! without cutting even an inch!

I can now walk freely without my dress getting all the dirt
maxi dress is best paired with sandals and flip flops
at the park
just right for 32 degrees! whew

Altering my way without cutting! And I will do this over and over again as I don’t want to cut most of the time. I want to save the cloth and the original design. 😉

I’m so ready for the summer!

Let me know your summer dresses stories! Leave comments or email me.

Thank you.

à bientot…



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