Hello and a special shoutout to my new followers from Germany.Almost Halloween. I guess as of this moment people are already crazy about their halloween custome at least in my country of origin. I missed those days where we enjoyed the trick or treat to the kids.

You’ll never be out of style with animal prints. Go and try for the simplest yet fabulous halloween get up.

My top and skirt is from H&M.

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Hello to some friends from Canada. Thank you.Leather weather for these days. Cold and cold and cold. I’m still not used to it. A biting cold is my enemy. On the positive side there are many great things that you can do only with cold weather. The smell of chestnuts roasting in the fireplace ahhh…., the cuddles near the fireplace, or even just listening to the sound of the wood burning in the fireplace, having hot chocolate etc.etc..

I’m wearing a leather short from TERRANOVA and a jacket from DOROTHY PERKINS and s scarf from H&M.
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HELLO BOZNIA and HERZEGOVINA! Thank you for following my blogs. :)Not so good today. Our little dog lilly is sick. We already brought her to the Vet and still she is not feeling well. I hope she get better in the following days.

I’m wearing something formal today but wait until I take off my blazer :). Formal and flirty. To sheild myself from cold and of course I want to be comfortable at the same time.

My coat is from Debenhams a gift from my sister and my skirt is from PIMKIE. My black tank top is from H&M which you already saw in my previous blogs. Yes, black and white can be stylish of different occassions.
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HELLO to my followers from BARBADOS. I was delighted when I checked my blog traffics and there are people from Barbados following my blogs. I really hope to visit your place one day. 🙂

It’s Wednesday and I just want a relaxing day driving around the city of Nancy, France. I bought this jupe long time ago and I used it few times. I like the cut and the cloth that follows the way you move. 😛 I added few accessories to make it more fab. I chose black on top because the skirt has black garter. How do I unblack thee? Black color keep your shape a little slimmer.

My top is from H&M which only costs like €4.99. Sandals is from BATA.
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ALTER no cuts

It’s summer time in Europe! Move over boots, thick jackets, trench coats, scarfs, etc. Finally, my favourite time of the year arrived. I love summer for so many reasons and of course the fashionable clothes, bikinis, flip flops, dresses, without thinking if it will cover you from cold.Yes! Maxi dresses are in for the summer. It looks oh so sexy and classy! It brings elegance to every woman wearing it.

I recently bought a maxi dress from H&M. I bought it even it’s too long for me because it looks strikingly beautiful. The challenge for me is to alter it without cutting because I don’t want to ruin the edges. So my quick witted mind in fashion strikes again.
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Engagement shoot

This is it! We are ready! We are supposed to be ready but things happen.  My husband arrived in Manila April 13 and arrived in Legazpi April 16. We have very little time for the engagement photo shoot and we are getting married on the 21st of April. It was stressful! I’m crazy. The weather is adding up. The rain just didn’t stop! There is a tropical depression. My husband is getting sick of the weather changes. We have no more time. The date is too close and to add that the long holiday is coming! It is holy week already! I have lots of things to do! Calling the photographer everyday updating about our alternative concept when the rain don’t stop. Calling the make up artist! And oh! I have to get rid of my braces! Ahhhh…. what’s happening, the universe is not conspiring! I don’t like explaining things but I have to explain to my camera shy husband about what to do. I am also attending to our foreign guests where they are going and ahh they keep changing their minds… no way!!! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!!!! Everything is a mess already until Holy Thursday when we woke up! The sun is shining brightly and it is just beautiful and perfect! God is great! The universe heard our prayers! It’s already Holy Thursday. I get rid first of my braces and then I called up the make up artist. Finally, we are on our way to our engagement photo shoot! I can only say, Thank you Lord! :)I wanted to shoot near the Mayon volcano but since it was holiday the ruins and other tourist place was full packed. We were lucky that our photographers are really kind and professional. They understand everything despite our tardiness to the appointment.

I wanted a very provincial photos of course featuring Albay province. Since I’m marrying an Italian, I wanted photos showing original things from my province. Our photographers are genius. They didn’t gave us a hard time during the shoot.

I’m happy to share with you guys the fruit of our hard work! Thank you so much R&R Studio and of course thank you God! Truly, nothing is impossible to you! You make everything conspire! 🙂
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