Château de Lunéville

Hello and thank you to my new new followers from Croatia and Spain.Last weekend was a blast. Mister Sun really gave us a big reason to celebrate. It was shining brightly in the sky.

My husband and I always go for an adventure every weekend. This weekend it has been good so we wanted to visit this chateau. We knew little about the place so thanks to google for always guiding us.  Meanwhile, as our always condition is that we help each other in driving. So I drove going and we stopped in a village with many people that looks like a feast. Indeed, it is a feast. A showcase of second hand things and other exhibits. We saw vintage cars, look in the big street sale thinking that the castle is just around the corner as we thought it is already the village where the chateau is located. Finally, we asked a man where is the direction of the castle when he said that it is still 12 km away lol. And we are actually in Dombasle sur Meurthe which is also a very nice village. I would have enjoyed the biggest thrift deals but we need to go to the castle. Here are some photos from Dombasle sur Meurthe.

1926 tractors
vintage car exhibit

The Chateau de Luneville which had belonged to the Dukes of Lorraine since the thirteenth century, was rebuilt as “the Versailles of Lorraine” by Duke Leopold from 1703 to 1723, from designs of Pierre Bourdict and Nicolas Dorbay and then of the architect Germain Boffrand, whose masterwork it became. Lunéville was classified a Monument historique in 1901 and by successive ordinances; its princely apartments are looked after by the Ministry of Defense while the structure is the responsibility of the Conseil Général de Meurthe-et-Moselle.
On the night of 2 to 3 January 2003, a fire broke out that ravaged the château to the extent that the plaster vault of the chapelle royale collapsed. Passing through the attics, the fire destroyed the roof over much of the structure. The restoration of the building and its decors is under way. (source from wiki)

NO ENTRANCE FEE. Yes! We were actually surprised that the castle has no entrance fee. Everyone is free to visit and I’m even guilty that I did not take our dog with us.The garden is so exquisite to walk with your dog and of course with your kids. There is a big play area inside the garden. We didn’t have time to go inside because we need to go back as we promised our litte dog that we will run in the river when we come back.

the facade of the castle
the garden
the colors of fall

I’m wearing a FOREVER21 dress which I already wore in my previous blog where you can used it formal and here I used it casual street style. It is a gift from a dear friend.

We definitely had a great time walking around especially the weather is lovely.
What you usually do on weekend?

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  1. Hello Analyn! Thanks for visiting my blog, I now got to find yours:-) First I have to say that not only are you beautiful but you are supper smart too! I am glad you get to visit such a beautiful castle and that you get to travel Europe often, that is one of my dreams for one day. The dress is super cute and looks amazing on you. I can tell you are an animal lover, I am one too! I have four dogs! Crazy! This is why I love blogging so much, I get to meet so many wonderful people. I will subscribe to your blog so I get to know when you post. Do you have IG or FB? Will love to follow you. Take care! XOXO, Jeannette

  2. My pleasure Ms Jeannie to know you. I always thought you are single until I explore you website more. Ah how you do it. seems you are just in early 20’s. I would love to read your beauty tips plus more.

    my FB is anne milallos and twitter is @iamannemilallos

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