ChΓ’teau de LunΓ©ville

Hello and thank you to my new new followers from Croatia and Spain.Last weekend was a blast. Mister Sun really gave us a big reason to celebrate. It was shining brightly in the sky.

My husband and I always go for an adventure every weekend. This weekend it has been good so we wanted to visit this chateau. We knew little about the place so thanks to google for always guiding us.Β  Meanwhile, as our always condition is that we help each other in driving. So I drove going and we stopped in a village with many people that looks like a feast. Indeed, it is a feast. A showcase of second hand things and other exhibits. We saw vintage cars, look in the big street sale thinking that the castle is just around the corner as we thought it is already the village where the chateau is located. Finally, we asked a man where is the direction of the castle when he said that it is still 12 km away lol. And we are actually in Dombasle sur Meurthe which is also a very nice village. I would have enjoyed the biggest thrift deals but we need to go to the castle. Here are some photos from Dombasle sur Meurthe.

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HELLO USA! Thank you for following my blogs.

Mister Sun is still showing some badass appearance and so I’m taking all the chances to maximize the summer get ups. I’m happy with the weather. I don’t like cold, really! From one who lived in tropics all her life, my idea of cold is limited to comfortable Baguio weather where one jacket is enough or even without a jacket. πŸ™‚ Very very far from the cold I’m getting in Europe. πŸ™‚ Good thing about the European weather is you get to experience the four seasons and you change your outfits for every season. πŸ™‚

This seems to be a party dress but you can just add a coat that match you can go to the office and then after remove the coat you are ready to party. πŸ™‚ Serves both purpose.

My top is from CA. By the way, I keep mentioning CA. For those who don’t know CA is a German clothing line. My skirt is from FOREVER21 which I also love. Shoes is from DOROTHY PERKINS. It’s been a while I’m still wearing this skirt when I was working in Australian law firm. I missed my law firm life, seriously! I will go back to law firm here very very soon! πŸ™‚
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HOLA! Buenos dias Mexico! Thank you for following my blogs!

No Monday blues because I’m wearing yellow. I so love this dress because I can wear it for different styles to different occassions. I can wear it like semi formal to casual just changing accessories and shoes and viola! you have new outfit. I’m not even keeping this one for fall because I can still use this I’ll just put on leggings and scarf and change the shoes to booties and this dress automatically changes to fall.

This is from FOREVER21 my loves!. Purse is from Dorothy Perkins. I already wore this when I attended a wedding in Italy.
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Ola! Obrigado Brazil! Thank you for following my blogs. πŸ™‚

TGIF. Thanks God it’s Friday! I know everyone love Fridays. We look forward for the weekend and usually wear very casual. Those get ups that’s ready for the party afterwards. I’m not a party girl but I love to relax in a coffee shop or walk or a Friday date night. Weather has been good the following days that allow me to still wear some summer clothes. I went to visit the Red Cross today and I wore this FOREVER21 dress together with a wedge shoes from TOMMY HILFIGER. I wore a jacket since I am with Red Cross staffs and after the busy hours I get rid of my jacket, viola! I’m ready to conquer the day and enjoy the remaining sun.

I like the cotton soft textile and of course I love flowers. I love FOREVER21. I remember my closest friends in law school who told me everytime they pass by a FOREVER21 outlet they always remember me. πŸ™‚
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First, I would like to say a big hello to my readers and followers from IRELAND!!! I hope you are all having a great day. I would love to visit your place one day.Who doesn’t love that sturdy cotton twill textile that never goes out style. Yes, denim never goes out of style. Being in the market since 18th century, people never get tired of using it. Time evolves but denim remains stylish through out the centuries. Over time and used, denim fades but it turn to be more stylish. It get ripped but still it become more stylish. I should say denim is one of the fashion treasures. I love denim and I will never get tired of using and styling it.

Way back my college days, I am an avid Levi’s fan. One of best denim brand that fits my body. Up to now, I am still a loyal Levi’s customer. But would you dare wearing denim as top? My answer is a big YES! Be daring. You’ll never know how good it will look. I feel very comfortable wearing it.

In the following days, I will show you how many styles you can have with your denim top.

I got this one from JENNIFER, my shorts from FOREVER21. Special shoutout to my friend ANNE GARCIA-GANAL for my denim hair accessory. It matches well! Thank you anne. πŸ™‚
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This is special. I’m appreciating orange more despite having tanned skin. This dress is a gift of a dear friend. We’ve been friends since day one in college and we make it a point to see each other when there are opportunities. We live miles apart. She’s based in California, while I’m in France. The amazing thing is we always meet even it takes like two years and still remains like yesterday. I really adore this girlfriend of mine. She’ll be celebrating her birthday tomorrow.We are really friends as we know each other well. She gave me this forever21 dress. I love it in an instant! Oh, how can she knew me well? Thank you dear friend and I hope to see you soon with our babies. πŸ™‚
Happy birthday girlfriend! Love you and God bless you more.
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That Italian wedding that every celebrity is dying for? I have my own share of Italian wedding.My first wedding was in Italy in the city of Ancona. I went panic buying of clothes because I can’t decide what to wear in a civil ceremony. Before going to Italy, I already settled in wearing a Forever21 ivory dress. When I arrived in Italy, I saw a great deal of choices for my civil ceremony and that adds more to my perplexity.

Then come my wedding day. I never thought of the cold. It’s my very first winter anyhow. I thought I can manage the cold but no, I can’t. Its biting me. In the end, I never get to wear all the dresses I bought because of the weather. It’s winter and raining hard on that Valentine’s day of 2013. I forthwith grab something that will keep me warm. I promise to post my Italian wedding photos come February. For now, this is how I am suppose to dress and look like in my Civil wedding ceremony that the weather did not permit me. lol My look and style is far from the winter wedding I’m preparing. Ah! Growing up in the tropics my imagination of cold is far from the real one. πŸ™‚

Oh I guess, Kiera Knightly got inspiration from me. πŸ˜› After my Italian wedding she also got married in France with almost the same dress as mine. Ah, the only difference is that she’s wearing a tube channel one but the tule skirt is almost the same. πŸ™‚

The original ribbon of this FOREVER21 dress is black. I replaced it with my favorite color green.
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I am a newbie blogger. Pardon my mistakes, my messy website and my writings. As of now, I am overjoyed of my readers. I wasn’t expecting that my followers would grow fast. As I checked the statistics of my blog followers, my heart jumped to see readers from US, Japan, Bahamas, India, Kuwait, Doha, Marianas Islands, Singapore, Israel, Australia, Germany, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, of course France, Philippines and Italy.I’m overjoyed meeting one of my self-confessed fan and follower of my blogs. We’re completely total stranger to each other but she really made effort to see me when I recently went home in the Philippines. She’s from Batangas and imagine the traffic going to Manila. So sweet of you Debbie. I was even lucky to meet the boyfriend who’s also fun to talk with.

We met at starbucks mall of asia. How sweet she is to surprised me with graham balls she made.

I admire you debbie. Beautiful and young entrepreneur. If I can only turn back time, I wish I did selling things too during my younger days. As I promised you, you will have my blog giveaway in my next homecoming. πŸ™‚ Stay happy and good luck on your life’s journey. Thank you to your boyfriend for taking our photos.
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Engagement shoot

This is it! We are ready! We are supposed to be ready but things happen.Β  My husband arrived in Manila April 13 and arrived in Legazpi April 16. We have very little time for the engagement photo shoot and we are getting married on the 21st of April. It was stressful! I’m crazy. The weather is adding up. The rain just didn’t stop! There is a tropical depression. My husband is getting sick of the weather changes. We have no more time. The date is too close and to add that the long holiday is coming! It is holy week already! I have lots of things to do! Calling the photographer everyday updating about our alternative concept when the rain don’t stop. Calling the make up artist! And oh! I have to get rid of my braces! Ahhhh…. what’s happening, the universe is not conspiring! I don’t like explaining things but I have to explain to my camera shy husband about what to do. I am also attending to our foreign guests where they are going and ahh they keep changing their minds… no way!!! I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!!!! Everything is a mess already until Holy Thursday when we woke up! The sun is shining brightly and it is just beautiful and perfect! God is great! The universe heard our prayers! It’s already Holy Thursday. I get rid first of my braces and then I called up the make up artist. Finally, we are on our way to our engagement photo shoot! I can only say, Thank you Lord! :)I wanted to shoot near the Mayon volcano but since it was holiday the ruins and other tourist place was full packed. We were lucky that our photographers are really kind and professional. They understand everything despite our tardiness to the appointment.

I wanted a very provincial photos of course featuring Albay province. Since I’m marrying an Italian, I wanted photos showing original things from my province. Our photographers are genius. They didn’t gave us a hard time during the shoot.

I’m happy to share with you guys the fruit of our hard work! Thank you so much R&R Studio and of course thank you God! Truly, nothing is impossible to you! You make everything conspire! πŸ™‚
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