Time flies. September is here. We are one year in France. Looking back, we’re living in Italy before moving to France. For my husband’s career growth we moved back to France.

What we’ve learned for one year living in France? The most important is language. Parle francais s’il vous plait. (speak french please) Yes, or else you will never progress if you don’t know the language. Everyday is a struggle. Everyday is like you’re going to a war without any weapon. We are surviving and learning. I’m still trying to learn the culture. At first, I want to stay and be friends with only people that speaks English too but I know that’s no good. If I have to know the French culture I should mingle with the locals. As the saying goes, when in Rome do what Romans do. So, when in France do what French people do.

How to mingle with French people? There are many articles that has been published that French people are rude. I have to say that they are just normal like any other nationality some are rude, some are kind, some are nice and naughty, some are wise, some are friendly, some are good and some are bad. I noticed they are polite as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog they often say bonjour! bon apres midi, bonsoir, bonsoiree, bonne journe! That’s one of the good thing I like. They’re not really hard to get to know. I met students at the University and they are nice to be with. They easily open their hearts to you. Oh, France has many holidays to enjoy that’s how they love the working force. 🙂 You’ll have more time to spend and bond with your family because they value family time.

Adjustment is always hard. My husband is an Italian, a European but still he has hard time adjusting because he doesn’t speak French too. Up to now, we are still adjusting to other things like the cold. We are located in the north east which is always cold. But all in all our one year was happy and exciting, yes, I am coping and looking forward for our next journey.

I will always say this, France has the best pastissiere, sweets, cakes, desserts, macaroons (whatever you call it) in the whole wide world.

our first visit in Paris together

I still have to discover a lot about France and I’ll share it on my next blogs.

That’s all for now! Happy tuesday my dear readers!


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