Happy Monday beautiful friends and followers! Special shoutout to my new readers from Switzerland. Thank you.I always look forward for weekend. I guess everyone does where you can be lazy all day and spend time with your loveones. This weekend my husband told me we are invited by his friend and colleague to their farm. I got so excited because I know it will be fun. And so we headed last Saturday to the farm. We even brought our little dog lilly because we knew she will enjoy it as she love running in the field. It’s a beautiful day to walk in the farm. I so love the green sceneries while driving to the farm. It was marvelous! I can smell the fresh air, the grass and the sound of the fresh water in the river. Ah! so wonderful.

I grew up in Tropical land where we used to pick mangoes and coconuts. 🙂 So, I guess, you understand where my excitement came from. This is almost my first apple picking experience. Almost because the first time I picked an apple was an accident. We visited this certain hotel and saw wild apple near and I was so excited and picked some fruits just for the sake of experiencing it. 🙂 Now, I had it with all the tips from my husband’s family on how to pick the proper way. 🙂

I am thankful to my husband’s colleague for the opportunity. I got to ticked one item in my bucket list. Apple picking experience checked! I’m waiting for the grapes picking experience. I know it’s coming along the way.
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