Oh summer please don’t go. Coming from tropics you know how much I wanted it to stay. I’m so scared of cold and winter. Though I have to admit that I am wishing more snow on my very first winter experience. One winter know how is enough for me to say that summer is still the best.Imagine life just lying down on the beach with your favorite drink and book. Ahhh that is really paradise.

I know you have read a lot already about summer must haves like sun block which is very important by the way. So, I’m just adding to bring morale to your summer. The truth is most girls got really insecure every summer because of the beach body. The truth is we are not born models. We are always jealous of those perfect magazine bodies we see. Don’t freak out if there’s a will, there’s a way. Just think you are the only person on the beach and you will be by yourself with oh oozing beach body appeal. Just make yourself comfortable no matter what and you will be fine.

Choose the right colors and swim wear and you will be fine. I don’t have a Victoria’s Secret’s model body but I’m always confident with my body. Yes, I don’t have the big front runners (that big boobs) but I have big derriere to compensate. 🙂 We can’t have it all. Who would have thought I can wear a bandeau bikini despite of my body. I dared and be the judge if I got yey or nay!

My green bandeau swimwear is from BENETTON and the BLUE one is from ANN CHRISTINE.

2013 summer Italian Coast
2014 summer lac de Pierre Perce France

Benetton is a little bit pricey BUT the blue one from ANN CHRISTINE will surprise you. The bikini is only €2.95 and the top is €9.95. I still got the best deals for wearing these at reasonable prices.

Until tomorrow!


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